August 31, 2016 23:11

How to remove fume - 4 effective ways

are different circumstances in life, and it may happen that after a whirlwind holiday morning you have to be fresh as a cucumber.But, not only fresh, but also good-smelling.But alcohol has the ability to keep their scent for a long time.How to get rid of the smell, the common people called stale?

several options, so that you can easily choose the one that is right for you.But before you get rid of the smell of fume, it is necessary to find out why it appears.This will help keep aiming the fight against this disease.

Location smell?

The whole point in chemistry.In any alcohol contained ethanol.When injected into the human body it is processed in the liver, and one of the processed products is acetaldehyde.It was he who enters the blood stream, spreads throughout the body and is excreted through the lungs and sweat.Hence odor.Sami probably noticed that not only smell from the mouth, but also on clothing.So knowing the origin of the unpleasant effect, we can learn how to get rid of the smell of fume.Let

's order.

How to get rid of the smell of fume?

We know that the whole thing in an aldehyde, which walks through the blood.Completely odor not dispelled until the substance is not processed and does not leave the body.To make this happen quickly need to take some action.

  1. Immediately after waking up to drink a glass of water with lemon juice and honey.Such a healing elixir will give you courage, and fill the water balance in the body that contribute to faster processing of acetaldehyde.This drink can be replaced with sage tea or a traditional brine.
  2. Physical activity .It is known that when a person sweats, then go all the toxins.It relates to products and recycling of alcohol in the body.So, the morning after drinking the healing elixir should be directly sent to a morning jog.Moreover, it is necessary to give everything to the full, being tired, and sweat, and the sweat will leave the aldehyde.
  3. after active charging or jogging is the time to step to the water procedures .Shower will wash away all the sweat with an unpleasant odor.If time permits, and you can take a bath with the addition of lavender or rosemary oil.This will not only bring a lot of fun, but also give your body a pleasant smell.And all the clothes like a drunken party, and after running safely sent to the laundry.It absorbed the sweat from particles aldehyde, and now it will save only a washing machine.
  4. Breakfast .Be sure to eat well.It is better if it is fatty food.It also will contribute to more rapid processing of alcohol decay products.

Emergency measures to get rid of the smell

All of these methods are effective, but still take time before all the aldehyde out of the blood and the smell disappears.Can something to eliminate or kill the smell Fume?Of course have!Such methods only help for a little while, and then the smell can again appear, but sometimes you need to be fresh and fragrant is not so long.So, we learn how to quickly remove the smell of fume.

  • necessary that smell something jammed.Matching products very much.For example, roasted coffee beans.The main thing they are not swallowed, and is a long time to chew.Also suitable stud, but not minced.It effectively neutralizes unpleasant odors from the mouth.Similar effects have roots and leaves of parsley, mint leaves, dried bay leaves.
  • chewing gum.I think this is the first than decide to take advantage of all who have problems with breath.To eliminate the smell of fume is better to use fruit flavors as strong mint flavors can only emphasize the smell of alcohol.
  • walnut oil or flaxseed oil.It is necessary to drink a spoonful of such funds.As a result, it enveloped mucosa of the esophagus and stomach, which prevents, for some time, the release of the aldehyde.
  • Sol.We need to take a tablespoon of salt and dissolve in water.This solution rinse the mouth.Also for some time it helps.

Maybe you have your own answer to the question of how to remove the smell of fume.Share it with us.In any case, it is best not to abuse alcohol, then get rid of the smell will not have to!