August 24, 2016 23:11

Why Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14 ?

Just a month ago was Valentine's Day.However, about where it came from and why he decided to celebrate February 14, few know.

Perhaps there is no more romantic holiday than this.Accordingly, the legend of it simply can not do without love ... So, Valentine's Day is named in honor of Valentine, who died in 269 year, due to the Roman Emperor Claudius II. But there is a small catch - while living in Rome just two people with the same name, both of which were named after the death of the saints.In honor of one of them a holiday was called, it is still unknown.

first version tells about healer Valentina, who was famous for its healing power.One day he was arrested because he preached to people.However, the children, whom he had once helped, do not forget about it.They brought the note and threw them through the bars of the prison window.They are thanking doctor for healing, recognized him in love and respect.

But once one of these notes noticed a guard in prison.However, after reading it, he did not pu

nish Valentin, and asked for help to cure his daughter from blindness.What surprise of the guard, when the daughter saw the light.Moreover, she immediately fell in love with her savior.However, to live what was not very long, and 14 of February, the day of the birds, he was executed.A few days before this moment the doctor had time to write little notes to all the people he loved.It was then that appeared valentines, come down to our days.

According to the second legend, the holiday has been named in honor of Valentine Terniyskogo bishop.As historians say, while in Rome there was a ban on the marriage, but the bishop still performed wedding ceremonies.

February 14 the Romans celebrated the marriage celebrations under the auspices of the goddess Juno.There was a kind of game - a girl wrote his own name on the notes and lowered them in a special box.Every young person should have to take out one such piece of paper and pin it on clothes.Once the young have found each other, they were united in a pair at the celebration.However, in many cases, the children fell in love with their partners and linked to each other the marriage, which is holding a valentine.This is only the emperor Claudius was totally against it, because he did not need the family men and warriors, ready to conquer new territories.As a result, he decided to arrest the bishop and execute him.It happened, as you might guess, it is February 14