August 24, 2016 23:11

Why does a hot dog so called?

All of us occasionally experience problems with free time, most often it is due to the work.The main problem lies in the fact that often we do not have time, that would normally eat.In the end, have to eat food from a fast-food restaurant.One and the most popular products of "fast food" is a hot dog - a sandwich with sausage with the addition of sauce, greens, vegetables, cheese, bacon and so on.Let's find out why this product has such a strange name, which can be translated into Russian as "hot dog"?

Currently, hot dogs are the most popular in the United States.Nevertheless, the German philologists have proved that the first time such a product was made in Germany in the late 15th century, just a few years before Christopher Columbus discovered America.Only in the early 19th century German immigrants brought the sausages cooking technology in the United States.According to other historians, laying slices of meat between the buns were known by the ancient Greeks.

Whatever it was, to date the origi

n of the word "hot dog" is not known.However, most scientists tend to the following versions: a butcher from Frankfurt, Germany in the late 19th century was producing sausages called «dachshund» (namely, this word called fee).Then, the recipe of the dish with the butcher who moved to live across the ocean, came to America.Here, immigrants began to sell their sausages wrapped slices of bread.In the same year they became very popular among local residents.

After several decades in 1901, a well-known illustrator Dargan, walking down the street, by chance noticed the trader sausages instead of bread used oblong rolls.This so impressed him that he decided to draw this case.He was informed that the dish called «dachshund», but to his misfortune he did to know how to spell the word.As a result, the fruit of his work, he called hot-dog, after which the name of just "stuck" to the sandwiches with sausages.Here's an interesting story