August 25, 2016 23:10

Why Gagarin died ?

March 27, 1968 died the very first cosmonaut of the planet Yuri Gagarin, and with him and Vladimir Seregin.30 is the number of the whole country said goodbye to them.

Many people are so strongly experienced this tragedy that some perceive it as a personal grief.Urns USSR heroes were immured in the Kremlin wall.This terrible incident became known throughout the world.

At the moment, the exact answer to the question, why was killed Yury does not exist.Moreover, the first 20 years, this topic has been strictly prohibited in the Soviet Union, because of what was born around a lot of different myths and myths.In addition, all documents relating to the case were strictly classified.

Recall that on March 27 at 10:18 Gagarin and Seregin flew on combat aircraft MiG-15 "Chkalovsky" airfield, which is located in the suburbs.They had to perform several maneuvers, and the total duration of the flight was calculated at 20 minutes.However, given the difficult weather conditions, Vladimir Seregin decided to redu

ce the job to 4 minutes.After Gagarin reported job is done, communication with the aircraft was lost.A little later, he began his quest, and about 3 hours later, the wreckage of the MiG-15 were found near the village of Novoselova in the area of ​​the Vladimir region.

Again, that firm conclusions have not been made.Versions tell different, until Yuri's abduction by aliens.Aeronautical engineer E. Shersher believes that the accident occurred due to the loss of spatial orientation in the clouds pilots.Perhaps, but the probability of this outcome is extremely low, because Seregin is a very experienced pilot.Another aircraft engineer, Vladimir Sevastyanov, thinks otherwise.In his opinion, pilots lost consciousness in consequence of cabin depressurization.However, there is evidence that aces were oxygen masks.

There are also rumors of a vessel collision with another aircraft, birds, weather balloons, and the like.And some say that one of the pilots and all drunk!This is nonsense, because before the flight test is conducted strictest ...

most truthful story seems cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.He said that the MiG-15, just got into a tailspin.In addition, factors such as impaired aerodynamics, poor visibility and poor organization of flight contributed to this tragedy.

Whatever it was, the exact answer, we now probably do not know