August 25, 2016 23:10

Why Gerasimos drowned Mumu ?

Did you know that the history that Ivan Sergeyevich described in his work "Mumu" is not fiction?It turns out that the characters described in the story have prototypes in real life.So, Varvara Petrovna, mother Turgenev, had its own janitor Andrew, who had tremendous growth, as, indeed, and body.This occurred in at number 37 on the street Ostozhenka, which now exists.

ak and Gerasim, Andrew was mute and deaf and lived in a wooden annex.He was well dressed, and in spite of the fact that speaking and hearing, he could not have been known to many people who welcomed him wherever he appeared.And, of course, it was Andrew dog is white with brown spots.Unfortunately, the owner was against the dog and ordered to drown the poor beast.Janitor and entered.It happened near Luzhniki Stadium on the Moscow River.

way, the product is Turgenev wrote in St. Petersburg, while being under arrest for article about Gogol, who was not allowed to print, but Ivan Sergeyevich still published it in one of the Moscow newspap


And now let's talk about the story.In it we see a deaf janitor Gerasim, who served the old lady.From the story it becomes clear that the main character had two loves - laundress Tatiana and dog with an unusual name Mumu.Once the janitor had saved her from ruin, not allowing her to sink and eventually to her very much attached.It should be noted that in those difficult times, dogs were used exclusively as watchdogs, but in other cases they are often even animals are not considered.But Gerasim, however, perfectly applied to her favorite ...

As we remember, the main character of the story performed every single order your mistress.Why?Because the actions of this masterpiece of Russian literature took place in the days of serfdom, so Gerasim could not disobey the woman.In the work we can see that the lady robs his "slave" everything that he once held dear: a village that worshiped Gerasim is Tatiana, that lady has decided to marry a drunkard Capito, in the end, it is a dogthat it was necessary to drown on the orders of an evil and dehumanizing women.The lady kept thinking only about themselves, favorite.By the way, I do not quite understand Gerasimos position on this issue - why he could not disobey, even when we are talking about it being the most expensive in the world?Why, in the end, he did not disappoint its owner, for example, by giving the dog to raise someone or simply releasing it into the wild?Probably, his affection, his responsibilities have played with it a cruel joke.However, there is another opinion - he was just afraid to give a part of himself to someone else.Suddenly, strangers do with a dog that something terrible?

Why Gerasim had gone into the village from the ladies?

In the end the poor janitor leaves the village.Why is this happening?It's simple - just after the death of Mumu character finally realizes what a terrible sin he had committed.Even despite the fact that at that time he is a serf, he leaves his mistress.Thus the unusual way he seemed to express her protest.For ladies this, however, does not mean anything - she used to think only of his own well-being.By the way, very sorry that so late Gerasim understand what fatal mistake he made.After all, if it happened a little earlier, the dog would have remained alive.

By the way, at the end of the story, we learn that Gerasim never wound up the dogs and so never married.This is due to the fact that our hero, in simple terms, is simply broken and disfigured.That is why for the rest of his life he has no one tried to approach the spiritual, as it caused him pain alone