August 25, 2016 23:10

Why is sea water salty ?

The school asked a lot of interesting questions.Some of them at first glance seem to be very simple and easy to answer them, but in reality everything is not so simple.Tell me, do you know why the sea water salty?It is in this doubt, because even the scientists do not know the exact answer!

versions and hypotheses

We begin, perhaps, that's why - when the waters in the world have become salty?Probably, it happened a long time ago.But when?Some historians argue that it happened millions of years ago, before such time as the dinosaurs.Others believe that some time ago the sea consisted exclusively of fresh water ... Who is right and who is not, is not disassemble.

  • But back to our main subject.If you believe the school course, the reservoirs become salty due to the rivers.But how can that be, you ask, because the water in the rivers - fresh!We all agree, but add that it also contains dissolved salts, albeit in trace amounts.Nevertheless, they are, although we do not feel the taste.From this it turn
    s out that the river is not only desalinate sea, but osolonyayut them.After the river water enters the sea, it ennaya part under the influence of the natural environment evaporates, but the salt is not going away, and remain in the sea.Scientists have even found out that it is thanks to the rivers Oceans receives almost three million tons of wide variety of materials and components.The huge figure!And imagine that this cycle occurs in nature has been far more than a million years?That explains why the water in some waters as salty ...
  • would seem that the answer is found.But wait!Other experts, support other theories say that practically all the salt, which fall into the sea, precipitate and eventually begin to form one huge stone formations and rocks.In addition, river and sea water contain very different substances and elements.Thus, the first salt is negligible, but a lot of carbonates, lime and soda, and a second large number of known and sodium salt.In general, not so obvious.

  • second theory on this subject is also very interesting.Those experts who support it argue that over the past few billion years, there is our planet, the river has always been fresh and sea - salt.Theoretically, in this case the river water would be able to be salty, but then interfere with the laws of nature - the sea and oceans can not flow into the river, it does exactly the opposite, even in our time.
  • According to a third version, a significant role played by animals.So, one of the scientists says that once the river water is practically no different from the sea.It was used for drinking, many animals.If you have not forgotten, it contains large amounts of calcium, so necessary for the development of the skeleton of living beings.So, the animals gradually angling rivers of all the necessary elements of them, among whom were the salt.This took place over hundreds of millions of years, causing river almost got rid of sodium chloride.Of course, this theory has the right to life, although it sounds very far-fetched.Why?It's simple - sea salt reserves are huge.So, if you distribute it on the land, it will cover the entire planet in a layer of more than a hundred meters thick!You-you can imagine what would be the fish and animals could eat as much of the mineral, even for a great period of time?We doubt it.
  • This theory holds many specialists.They say that all the fault of the volcanoes.When the crust just beginning to form on Earth was a great volcanic activity.Gases from volcanoes contained a pair of fluorine, bromine and chlorine, so were periodically acid rain.It was they who formed the sea, which, of course, were also acidic.However, this water reacts with hardwoods, extracting them from the alkaline elements such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.It resulted in the formation of salts, which neutralize the acidity of water, gradually making it salty.The final composition of the water has stabilized around 500 million years ago.


A total of itself is not, because the answer to this question does not know neither we nor the researchers.But we still hope that someday specialist guessed the riddle of nature