August 25, 2016 23:10

Why is the grass green ?

Children are very curious about what is literally aware of every mother - the children are able to set a day to several thousand questions (!!!), the answers to many of the parents who do not know or just do not remember from the school course.Here, for example, why the plants and the grass green?Tell me honestly, you will immediately be able to answer this question?It is unlikely, for such can only units.Nevertheless, we will try to help you with a solution to this problem.

In fact, everything is quite simple - to begin with, let us remember the lessons of biology.So, we know that the chlorophyll, the green pigment which causes coloring of the chloroplasts of plants in a green hue, has in the cells of plants.All substances that a person gets in the use of various food products (protein, sugar, starch, organic matter and other elements), the plants produced very different way - this is a consequence of the photosynthesis, a process in which the formation of organic substances from water and carbon

dioxidelight.It should be noted that in this process also involves those substances that are delivered to the plant roots from the soil.What you end up with?And it turns out that the sheet is the only body that uses the power of the sun to the color of life.Thus, if there were no sun, it would not be trees and shrubs in the world.

It is also necessary to recall the oxygen - the 16th element of the second period with atomic number 8 of the periodic table of chemical elements of Mendeleev.Oxygen is known to be extremely necessary absolutely to any living organism.Meanwhile, the consumption of this substance is simply huge, with a person or an animal breathes in oxygen, it turns on the exhale carbon dioxide, which in large quantities can be simply dangerous to life.But not only the creatures can reproduce carbon dioxide - it is formed, for example, when burning flame.And here again, we are helping the plants, which have a remarkable property - they absorb the gas, giving oxygen to the environment instead of it.That is why the latter does not end there, though its consumption, as we have already mentioned above, is simply huge.The very same process has been made possible thanks to the grains of chlorophyll, which is contained in each green leaf.

By the way, if you remember, the spectrum of sunlight consists of seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple (yes, your mind immediately comes the rainbow).Chlorophyll absorbs all of these colors, except for the green, so it reflects it.Thus all the foliage before us is green.

interesting point - in some books you can find such a statement, saying, shade plants acquire due to metals that are contained in chlorophyll (in this case it comes to magnesium).However, scientists have long shown that if magnesium is replaced by any other metal, such as zinc, the color of the grass still does not change, and therefore, this theory is not true