August 25, 2016 23:11

Why do leaves turn yellow from the Dracaena ?

Dracaena - a tree or shrub that belongs to the family of asparagus.The total number of known species varies greatly - some scientists say that in the world there are about 40 species of plants, others say another figure - about 150. Most of them grow in Africa, few - in South Asia and only one - in the tropics of Central America.

Interesting fact - Dracaena name can be translated as "female dragon".However, Vladimir Dal dictionary this word is translated like "drakonka".

Dracaena is of interest as deciduous, ornamental plant, which is suitable for apartments and houses.Yet the most beautiful flowers with colorful leaves can be seen except in heated greenhouses.By the way, dracaena farming - a simple activity, as small pieces of stems are the perfect plants for planting, to the same even tolerate long transport without problems.

juice plants get paint for fabrics, coatings for metals, use it to color some types of beverages, and also used in traditional medicine - dratsenovy juice mixed with grape

alcohol, and is used for stomach ulcers, as well as for the treatment of certain skin diseases.Historians believe that the ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands many centuries ago, used the juice for embalming the dead relatives.

Causes yellowing leaves

  • For a start it is worth noting that the plant loves light and at the same time suffers from a surplus of moisture.Most species of dracaena, especially with dark leaves, enough to easily withstand the autumn and winter the lack of light, while others are weaker, react to it as time changes in color of its leaves.It is also worth remembering that if there is a lack of light, but very hot in the room, it can also adversely affect the flower, so it is necessary to align the ambient temperature and put a pot with a plant in a bright place.
  • Very often the leaves begin to wither in winter, when the dracaena is on the cold windowsill, and the hostess occasionally watering it.In this case, the roots begin to rot drakonki that affects her appearance.It is recommended to moisten the earth modestly, and under the pot is necessary to put a warm lining.
  • not be discounted and natural causes - Dracaena leaves live an average of about two years, and then begin to slowly wither and die.They gradually turn yellow, the tip, and the case of the lower leaves.Dead of them can be cut to the point where the healthy tissue starts, but does not need to cut a sheet.
  • Remember, dracaena loves moisture in the air, so if the edges of the leaves turn brown, then you're not spray the plants with water.This should be done on a daily basis.
  • If young leaves dry out, then it may be due to the fact that the plant is transplanted not long ago.After three or four years old in the soil builds up a large number of salts that prevent the flow of useful elements in the flower tissue and it begins to apply the painful symptoms.
  • But if the leaves grow very slowly, and also blackened, it speaks about the apparent lack of power.
  • Finally, the leaves are very often freezes, for example, when the window open in winter.In this case, they can still be saved (they usually do not turn yellow and wither).It is necessary to move the pot in a warm place, and the plant itself periodically sprayed with warm water