August 26, 2016 23:11

Why nettle zhzhёtsya ?

Nettle (Urtica from Latin) - a genus of plants, which is part of the nettle family.Just genus has about 50 species, most of which are native to the temperate climate zone of both the northern and southern hemispheres.In our country, the most common nettle - about it today and we'll talk.

So, before you is a perennial herb that has a long rhizome.Some specimens grow up to two meters, but this rarely happens, because the ideal climate conditions needed for good growth.The stem is hollow, flat, its surface is covered with stripes - like burning and ordinary.Leaves long, large, green, heart-shaped.The width of 4-8 cm, length -. 7- 20 cm dioecious plant is considered (this method does not allow self-pollination, male and female flowers are on different individuals).

from herbivores nettle is protected by a special burning hairs, which are arranged like the stem and the leaves.Hair at its core is a cell whose shape is reminiscent of a medical vial.Its upper part projects beyond the surface.In the case o

f even a light touch the sharp end "ampoule" is breaking, it bites into the skin of the animal and vpleskivaet all its contents (ie, silicon salts, which cause unusual for us, burning sensation).It should be noted that not need to fear nettle as burns themselves harmless.Nevertheless, there are some species of the family, which touch the leaves can lead to death of the individual.We are, however, did not grow.

Nettle used as food - out of it obtained excellent green cabbage and a variety of cold appetizers.In addition, it is often used as feed for livestock.There was even talk that milk cows because it becomes much more bold.

Often the plant used for medicinal purposes.It is known that in ancient Greece nettles put on the wound - it was considered that it promotes faster healing of her.Soldiers Julius Caesar during the wars whipped themselves nettle bushes that would warm up.And from leaves and roots make infusions and decoctions that improve metabolism, help with sciatica, as well as certain types of bleeding.

However, nettles and used in everyday life.So, our ancestors were made of her bags and sails.Today experts say that its fiber with properties no different from cotton or linen.Moreover, ramie (ramie) is used for the preparation of tissue very similar to silk, while the production cost much lower