October 12, 2016 23:19

How to remove hiberfil file.sys with the computer ?

File Hiberfil.sys - Windows system file.Located in the section where the OS is installed (usually drive C).His giant size - 1-8Gb, and even more - unwittingly brings users "black thoughts" that rude dangerous virus in their computer.In fact, there is no reason to fear: the file, and must be so large.Its volume is approximately equal to the computer's memory.For example, if the machine RAM is 4 GB, respectively, and hiberfil will be the same size.

Surely you have already asked the question: "Is it possible to remove hiberfil.sys, and how it will affect the Windows? »Well, it's time to answer it!After all, how much can still install the software and games, if you can remove this "heavyweight" with the system partition.

hiberfil file Purpose.sys in Windows

in Windows 7/8 operating system to conserve power, there are two modes of operation.

first - sleep mode, which turns off the PC monitor goes into a low power state, but it is in the "alert" (it is easy to "wake up" mouse movement).

second - hibernation;at the time of its activation, the system copies the contents of the RAM and stores ... where do you think?Exactly!In hiberfil file.sys.And then turns off the computer.After exiting hibernation, Windows refers to the stored data in hiberfil and restores, simply put, "how it was": open tabs in the browser, running applications, etc.

deletes hiberfil.the sys - Turn off hibernation

Now that you know the purpose hiberfil, you must decide what is best for you - the expansion of free disk space or hibernation.If the thought of additional gigabytes on the C drive brings you joy, of course, hiberfil makes sense to remove.But first, you need to disable hibernation.Follow the instructions.

1. Open the "Start" and go to "Control Panel".

2. Click on "System and Security" and select the subsection "Power."

3. Activate the "Setting the Sleep."

4. The setting in "Put the computer to sleep ..." select "Never".

5. Save your changes.

6. Click the 'Change Advanced Settings ... "In the same window.

7. In the panel that appears in the "Dream" Turn off your "Sleep after" - "Never";"Hibernate after" - "Never";"Timers awakening" - "Disable", etc.

8. Click "Apply".

Now, when the sleep mode is turned off, you can begin to remove the weighty hiberfil.sys.Choose one of the methods described below and proceed.

Removal in

Unload command line drive C using the system utility cmd.exe, I mean remove hiberfil - quickly and easily.Even if you have never worked in the command line, do not worry - you will succeed.You'll see!

1. Open the "Start" or press «Win» key.

2. In the line "Find ..." write the name of the utility - «cmd» (without the quotes).

Warning!After completing this step, do not press button «ENTER»!

3. When the utility cmd icon appears.exe, click it with the right mouse button, and then in the menu, select "Run as administrator".

4. At the command prompt, after the symbol «& gt;» (beside it will blink the cursor), type - powercfg -h off.Then press «ENTER».

hiberfil After this procedure, the file disappears from the disk.

Attention! Likewise, you can turn on hibernation.One need only change in the team flag "OFF" (remove / disable) to "on" (enable): powercfg -h on.And activate the sleep mode in the control panel.

removal through the registry editor

This method is suitable for those users who have the skills to work with Regedit utility.If you have not edited the registry entries, it is better not Experiment (at least at the moment): in the case of wrong actions, you can bring down the entire OS.

1. Start Registry Editor (in the "Start" prompt, enter «regedit»).

2. Open branch «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE».

3. Locate the section «SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Power» parameters «HibernateEnabled» and «HiberFileSizePercent» and set their value to zero.

4. Close Regedit utility, and then restart the PC.

removal procedure hiberfil.sys is finished!There gigabytes free on the system disk, dispelled suspicion of the presence of the virus in Windows.And most importantly - back user comfort.

Good luck and enjoy working on your PC you, dear reader!