October 13, 2016 23:02

How to Remove Webmoney wallet and can it be done ?

Do not waste your time, do not break your head and do not terrorize the search engines trying to find the answer to the question "how to remove Webmoney wallet?" To do this, alas, it is impossible!Your e-mail account (WMID), together with all the purses for storage of various currencies (WMZ, WME, WMR, etc.) will be stored in the database WebMoney data forever.Regardless of whether you're using it or not.

Payment System can delete your wallet automatically exactly one year from the date of registration only under the condition that there is no history of operations.That is, you are with this account, whether it is a mini-keeper or classic keeper Webmoney, did not make any payments or transactions.If desired, after the automatic removal, you can return the purse to its use by following the proper recovery procedure, prescribed by WebMoney system.

«Illusion" remove purse Webmoney

Some users application WM Keeper Vkontakte and similar mistakenly think that they still managed to do the impossible - to r

emove the wallet from the system - of WMZ, for example, or WMU.In fact, changing the settings, they just disable their display in your account.And yet - no more!Wallet, designed to work with a specific currency, all assigned to the WMID.So do not give in to illusions, "clever" ways to remove non-existent.

Why Webmoney can not get rid of your WMID?

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Until 2008, the purse in Webmoney system can be removed on their own and without any problems.And and very quickly, "resets" the account by clicking the "Delete" - and ready.That is the question "Is it possible to get rid of your old account in WebMoney, and start a new one?" Did not exist in principle.

It would have been beyond all - peace and quiet.But the world is not without "good people."In 2008, cases of fraud.Swindlers, scammers, hackers and other malicious dark little people prilovchilis transfer money from wallets of their victims on the purse, and then "spent" WMID quickly removed - "Cleanup".No account - no cash transactions and history.Accordingly, there is no evidence of theft and atrocities.It was then Webmoney guide and went to drastic measures, and it was decided to disable the removal of each WMID and currency purse separately.

Well, and you, dear reader, do not worry that you can not delete your WMID.You never know what life will, maybe he still is useful!