October 13, 2016 23:02

How to remove a friend from classmates and whether it can be restored

Remember how at Vysotsky "If a friend turns out that ...?"Of course, you may be in the mountains with him, that is with a friend, and did not go together ... but only communicated in the social network "Classmates" and understood - that he did not deserve such a joint campaign, nor friendship.Alas, it happens!The heart and soul of the interlocutor rejected - and that's it.

In this case, you need to delete your friend from the list, because it is already "and not an enemy, and - so."What is the sense to keep it in sight on his page in the "Classmates" ?!

So, we proceed to perform the intended task.

removal from your friends list in the "Classmates»

  1. Log in to your account on the "Classmates".
  2. At the top of the page, in the menu bar ( "Photo", "Group", "Games", and so on) by clicking on the section "Friends."
  3. In the resulting list of friends (displayed their personal photos and names) will discover the photo companion with whom you want to communicate and maintain friendly relations more.
  4. hover over their avatar (do not press the mouse button!).After these steps, open the menu, which will need to click the option "Stop friendship."
  5. system will ask you to confirm your "Stop" in the window that opens with an appropriate message.

Tip! If you have a lot of friends (100, 200, 500 ...) use the search function on the list - it's faster.Enter in the column name and user name, which to delete, and press «ENTER».

You can also remove a friend from the menu in his personal profile.Go to the person account with which you do not want to be friends anymore.In the menu, select "More", and then click the radio button "Stop friendship."Note that with this method of removing your friend know that you visited his page (your avatar is displayed in the "Guests" section) before you part with it.

That's it!These actions would be sufficient.Now your friend was the former friend - it will disappear from the list of friends, his activity in the social network will not appear in your news feed.And soon, you may forget it completely ...

Well, if not - you suddenly want to restore another remote - just go to his page and in the menu under the avatar, click "Add to Friends".If it (your former friend) will desire to "make peace", that will take your invitation to friendship, and you'll be friends again.

Adding another in the "black list»

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Deleting comments Odnoklassniki

possible in front of you a question: "What, so he was not able to remove a friend from classmates view my page and send meposts "For this purpose, a separate function -" black list ".To use it, follow these steps:

  • go to the remote user profile, or get his picture in the "guests" or in personal correspondence;
  • hover over the avatar in the menu that opens activate the "Block";
  • confirm the decision to block this account and opened the panel again, click "Block."

user, once in the "black list", deprived of the opportunity not only to go to your profile, but also to evaluate / comment on your photos, send messages.In other words, your page will be permanently and completely inaccessible to him.

Good true friends and you, dear reader, - in the "Classmates" and in life.Well, in that case ... Now you know what to do - both physically and virtually.