October 13, 2016 23:02

How to remove a program from the Android (Android OS)?

No matter how perfect the operating system on a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it is the user will sooner or later have to learn how to delete installed applications.Otherwise, all the installations do not have enough memory device - either internal or external.

And Android OS system in this regard, of course, is no exception.So, dear reader, if you actively use the device with this software shell and completely have no idea how to remove the application from it, you just need to get acquainted with the material in this article.Otherwise, the system can not avoid cluttering.

There are many ways to remove the software and games Android: they are involved and regular means the OS and third-party utilities.We consider the most effective and relatively simple solutions.After linger and spend time on research can not be - the Android system requires to immediately remove any software from the depths of his lasciviousness file system.

So, proceed!

The standard way to remove an application from the Andr
oid OS

1. Open the "Options" (shortcut on the desktop in the form of gears).

2. Select the "Applications" menu.

3. The list tapnite (finger touch) if you have a device equipped with a touch screen, the cursor or click the program you want to remove.

4. activate the "Delete" option in the function menu opens.

5. Confirm your intention to get rid of unnecessary applications, clicking on request 'OK' system.

That's all you need to do to remove the program from the system in a standard way.

Removing applications from Android OS utility Uninstaller

Uninstaller - an effective tool to remove unwanted programs from your system.It has intuitive simple interface.Perfect for when you need to quickly delete a large number of applications.Free Uninstaller is possible on Google Play.Russian version of the program called the "Delete."

1. Install Uninstaller in the system, and then run it.

2. panel opens with a catalog of installed games and applications.Select the program / programs that you no longer need (their names should be painted in a different color).

3. Tapnite on top on a green background option "Delete selected application."Pay attention to the number indicated in parentheses.Before activating the removal procedure again review your application: Make sure that none of them is useful programs.

How to remove files with the extension.apk?

Quite often, in the Download folder accumulated an incredible amount of archival executable file APK (Android Package), which the user once once downloaded from the Internet.After downloading and they are lying dead weight in the folder, taking up precious megabytes of memory device.

get rid of them, you can remove it using the system function.

  1. Go to the "Files" (icon on the desktop).
  2. Locate the folder "Download" c-downloaded apk files (usually located in the sdcard folder), or any other folder that you want to "clean up".Open it and check the boxes of applications to be removed.
  3. Activate the menu "Actions" (click / tapnite on selected files), and then click "Remove Selected."

Remove Applications program-cleaner SD-Maid

SD-Maid Pro (the free version of SD-Maid) - a multifunctional tool for cleaning the Android OS file system.Can not delete only the installed program, and duplicates, empty and not needed (used) files.

delete installed applications from the operating system, can be a free version of the utility - SD-Maid (not Pro!).Download it on Google Play.

  1. Start the SD-Maid.
  2. Select the "Manager" menu item.
  3. Select the program you want to remove from the system.
  4. tapnite In the submenu "Delete applications and data."

regularly use these simple techniques to restore the purity of the program in the shell of the Android OS.For, as we know, cleanliness - the guarantee of health.Even with regard to electronic gadgets.And everything will be "OK"!