September 09, 2016 23:14

Why dream of lice ?

Dream - is a natural process stays in a state with a reduced response to the world around us, and with a minimum level of brain activity, which is not unique to most mammals, but also insects, birds and even fish.At that time, our body is asleep, we can see a variety of dreams, which are often perceived as an objective reality.

believed that the things we see in dreams, be sure to refer to something and can predict the future.Today we will try to find out, why can dream lice.

Why dream of lice?

  • the world there are a lot of dream-books, which can be done in different ways to interpret certain things.For example, Dream Miller argues that these parasites often dream to disease, perhaps hidden.If a person sees the lice on your pet, say, a dog or cat, it can mean serious money problems are not solved so simply.In some cases insects can talk about strong feelings that you experience in relation to someone from their family or loved ones.
  • Most other things claimed Grandpa Freud.He believed that lice
    - is a harbinger of good.If a man dreams dreams of these parasites, it is likely, in the near future, it is waiting for a solution to his sexual problems.So, if a long time he abstains and does not have sex, then soon everything will change dramatically - he will find a sexual partner, which significantly diversifies their sexual stay.
  • At Vanga had an opinion about it.A large number of lice in her sleep, in her opinion, also symbolizes the emergence of a certain disease.However, the disease is not serious in this case.This may be a common cold, which will get rid of one week or less.But if one sees only one, but big and fat louse, it can talk about the big profits that he will soon receive.If during sleep kill parasites, it is possible to solve all the problems in real life, including cash.
  • According Dream Interpretation Tsvetkov lice and their eggs may indicate a short replenishment in the family, but this applies only in cases where the parasites found on someone else's body or subject.When a person is on their own, it is not just the disease, but also a number of various ills, ranging from monetary constraints and ending with alcoholism.At the same time, if you see egg on your head, it can talk about the possibility to profit or extra money.
  • According to Aesop's dream book, a louse can tell you about some other interesting moments in the life of man.If you are in a dream trying to kill her, and she always runs away from you, then it means that you are working, but unproductive.On the whole dream of parasites is long and hard work.At the same time the lice bites can become a real forerunner of money, but just the presence of insects may indicate a concern.
  • Dreams of the 21st century set more positively.He says that to see the lice in a dream - foreshadows something good, including this promises a speedy recovery, the emergence of money, and even career success.If you try to beat the parasites, it can bring unexpected news.If the insect is able to crush, then, in the work you are going to the right target and you need to follow in this direction.In some cases, it may also speak about the imminent increase in the ranks.

Whatever it was, at all times lice associated with poverty, uncleanliness and poor sanitation.Perhaps that is why it is considered that they only dream to bad things.But, as we explained above, this is not always the case