August 31, 2016 23:11

The butterflies feed on ?

Butterflies relating to the order Lepidoptera is the insect with complete metamorphosis.They are characterized by a thick cover of chitin scales on the wings.Most species have sucking mouthparts, which ends proboscis.

Lepidoptera are among the most common insects in the world, since this unit includes more than 157 thousands of different species.At the same time, scientists are periodically reminded that this figure - only a preliminary, since, according to the statements, in the world there are still at least several tens of thousands of species of butterflies, are still unknown to science.By the way, even many of the known species are poorly understood by science because they were found in a single copy.

If you look from a few species of butterflies, it can be concluded that they differ only in coloring, but this is not so.Nevertheless, their diet is very similar.More details about this - once in the next part of this article.

Power butterflies

  • According to research scientists, most butterfl
    ies in nature feeds on flower nectar.It is not surprising that bright colors, you can often see the accumulation of these beautiful insects.The flowers contain a lot of nutrients, as well as sugar, required these creatures.
  • Next in popularity followed humus fruit.Why do they enjoy such great success with the butterflies?There are several reasons.Firstly, in these fruits contain a lot of water, sugar and vitamins.And secondly, butterflies suck the mold by means of their proboscis, this fresh fruit they have done just could not.
  • Some species of some families in need of a large number of trace elements, which do not get so easy for them.That is why they are willing to eat human sweat, mineral clay and even large animal waste!At the same time, interestingly, the waste must be fresh and wet at the same time.If you see a cluster of butterflies in the wet sand or clay, not drive them out in any case.
  • If you think that the butterfly - traditionally herbivorous insects, you're wrong.There are some rare species, which are the real predators.For example, scoops Calyptra, who live in the southern part of the planet, feed on the blood of an animal or human.At the same time they were originally designed for this purpose, because they have sharp proboscis, which easily penetrates the skin.
  • butterfly called "Totenkopf" wingspan of around 10-12 centimeters, do prefer to eat honey, which is found in bee hives.Cabbage uses only nectar, but its offspring - a real problem for gardeners.The fact that the cabbage butterfly lays its eggs on plants such as cabbage, radish, turnip, radish.The larvae of the same, barely born, begin to eat the fresh leaves.NYMPHALIS ANTIOPA can often be seen on the damaged birches in summer (they feed on sap of the tree), and not far from the feces of large animals.
  • If we talk about the insect diet at home, they often give a 10% solution of water with honey, in other cases, use a 30% solution of apricot nectar.Butterfly feeds on usually once a day.However, everything depends entirely on the type of your pet