August 31, 2016 23:11

How many years have live turtles ?

Turtles belong to one of four groups of reptiles, which has existed for over 200 million years.Currently, it comprises about 230 species, which are spread throughout the planet, living not only on land but also in water.

Scientists are still arguing about who is the ancestor of turtles.Some people believe that their ancestors can safely assume that the Permian kotilozavrov, although a number of other hypotheses put forward.Whatever it was, the first known science turtle appeared about 220 million years ago.She had a shell, consisting only of the bottom half, and, most interestingly, her mouth had teeth, which is quite unusual for the current members of this family.

biggest turtle in the sea is still archelon.This marine mammal that lived in the Mesozoic era.She had a huge size.Thus, the length of an adult animal could reach the level of 5 meters, and weight - more than two tons.Archelon treated the leatherback turtle, the shell that will fit a skin.Confirmation that the world existed archelon were

found far more than once in North America - one scientists were able to find almost an entire skeleton of a turtle, which is located at the Yale Museum.However, it does not have one of the hind flippers.

But what was the life expectancy archelon, it is not known - experts still debate on the subject.It is often argued that the age of the animal, if it does not become the subject of attacks for other, larger predators, could reach 250 years.However, other scientists suggest much lower figures.

real facts

Well, now let's look at the real facts.Galápagos tortoise, also known as the Galapagos, are renowned for their incredible longevity.Here's an example: in the territory of one of the Australian zoos living Galapagos tortoise named Harriet , which marked the 175th birthday!By the way, the holiday was a pompous, because such an event occurs is not often.In addition, it is believed that this animal had once studied himself, Charles Darwin, although direct evidence did not find the words.

Alas, Harriet died.Experts say that it happened as a result of heart failure.How it was possible to determine its age?For this was made a DNA test, which showed that the turtle was born in 1830.As for Darwin, he arrived on the Galapagos Islands, five years after the birth of Harriet and probably studied it.

However, in the world there are other champions.For example, turtle Advaita , who died March 23, 2006.Unfortunately, the exact age of the animal is still not known, but it varies between marks 150 and 250 years.

Advaita refers to gigantic turtles that live in the Seychelles.Animal differed quite large size - his weight reached 120 kg.Advaita has enjoyed tremendous success with the public.

If talk about the more familiar to us turtles, which we keep in the home, such as krasnouhih , they live considerably less, although not so little.Thus, their average age is about 30 years, but some specimens can live up to 80 years