August 31, 2016 23:11

Why parrot feathers fall out ?

The parrot family includes about 330 species.On the territory of our country, these birds were first introduced in the 15th century, when the ambassador of the Roman king Maximilian Yuri Delator made a present to Princess Sophia Fominichna.But in the Russian-language books, the word "parrot" was first mentioned as early as a century later.Today, these unusual and beautiful birds are often used as pets, but they are like other animals can get sick, in particular, they drop feathers.With what it can be connected?

For a start it is worth noting that not always need to worry when a beloved pet had the pair of wings - it does not mean anything.Why?And the thing is that these birds feathers may fall for quite natural reasons, which we'll be sure to today.So before you start to panic, for starters read up to the end of this article.Let's start.

natural molting

It was during her most pets and loses some of its feathers.What for?It's simple - the bird should get rid of the old tail, as do many other memb

ers of the winged creatures.It is worth noting that the natural molt usually occurs no more often than once or twice a year, with the falling of feathers occurs gradually, with the result that your pet does not change the exterior.

Do not forget that during the molting parrot begins to eat much less, it is worse sleep, more nervous, and sometimes he even fever.Generally speaking, in this state, there is nothing surprising - it is quite natural for the creatures.But to treat the pet is not necessary.Veterinarians say the best in his diet to add more minerals and vitamins - this will help him recover faster.

Lack of nutrients

Experts believe that the problem often arises because of a lack of vitamins and minerals that are missing due to malnutrition parrots.How to be in this case?The best option - consult your veterinarian, who will tell you exactly what substances are missing bird.After that, he may prescribe the use of certain vitamins.

As a precaution you need to give your pet a fortified mixture, which can be purchased at any pet store.And do not forget to give him fresh fruit and vegetables that already contains enough vitamins.


here, I think you and everything is clear - with a strong stress parrots can not lose even one feather and right beams!Such a situation is possible, for example, when you moved the bird from one apartment to another - an unfamiliar room and the smell of a new pet can be very frightening.What to do in such cases?Most likely, nothing you do simply can not, because Ptah must own to overcome all your fears and get over it.In the meantime, you can also add fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet of pet - let your body fills forces.

Fungal or chuck defeat

But this case can be much more dangerous.The first step is how to inspect your pet for the presence of peeling, growths, blood traces, and other things that can be said that the parrot was attacked by parasites.If any, it is necessary to treat the cell with a special solution, and replace all of those things, where they could stay parasites.Then, you can seek the help of a veterinarian, because only he can determine the type of the disease, and then prescribe the necessary drugs.As a rule, these are special ointments sold in veterinary pharmacies.Unfortunately, sometimes the treatment can be delayed for months - the main thing is not to derogate from it.

Violations thyroid function or hormone imbalance symptoms

following diseases: excessive body weight, ruffled, feathers lack luster.If the diagnosis is confirmed, the bird will need to be treated with special drugs.And remember that in such cases it is better not to procrastinate, and immediately go to the vet for help