September 03, 2016 23:11

Why do not penguins fly?

Penguins belong to a family of flightless sea bird, but a good dive and swim, which helps streamline the body shape.The greatest representative of the entire family is the so-called emperor penguin, whose weight is 50 kg and height - more than one meter.

Because penguins are exposed to very low temperatures, they are well adapted to the extreme conditions.To keep warm, they have in the first place a thick layer of fat, over which there are three layers of waterproof feathers and short, tight to the body.Since the air layers feathers present, it protects the body from heat loss, even when placed in water.

adapted to the aquatic environment and their eyes.Thus, the cornea in them almost perfectly flat, so a little short-sighted on land birds.They are also well adapted to light changes that occur during immersion.

Hearing penguins nice, but the ears are expressed softly.In addition, they are closing a dense layer of feathers, which does not allow water to penetrate deep into the ear.Swim

they almost silently, but on the surface like the issue cries, which, however, do not know what are.

As for food, then those seabirds consume krill in food, anchovies, sardines and small cephalopods, crustaceans.However, the diet also depends on the type of penguins.

These vertebrates tend to nest in large colonies that can number up to several tens of thousands of couples.Interestingly, the hatching eggs is involved not only female but also male.After the birth of a baby his parents suckle - regurgitate half-digested fish.When the baby is frozen, he finds refuge in the folds of the stomach of the mother or father.

Well, now it's time to go back to the main issue of today's topic - why these unusual birds do not fly?How to assure historians, sometime in the past, the penguins were the most common birds, and even able to fly, and very deftly and quickly.But over time, their living conditions began to change - they first had to adapt to eat only sea and ocean fish, which are located under the water column.What would catch her, vertebrates had to learn to dive and swim.

After some time the penguins wings began to change - the water they were simply ineffective.As a result, they have turned into a kind of fun that helps you quickly navigate through the depths of the sea.Then transformed and the body - it has become a streamlined "shell", and feathers looked like scales, which has waterproof properties.

In general, evolution has done its job ...