September 03, 2016 23:11

Why dinosaurs became extinct ?

It is known that dinosaurs lived on this planet for a long time, about 100-200 million years ago.Despite the fact that all of them have become extinct soon, we know a lot about them, because the skeletons of these animals with a constant frequency found in different parts of our planet.To date, more than a thousand described species of dinosaurs, that's just still do not know exactly from which they were killed.But in this regard there are many different versions of most of the most interesting ones we will tell you in this article.

Possible causes of extinction

According to research, the mass extinction occurred about 65 million years ago.It is worth noting that at that time not only the dinosaurs died, but also a variety of shellfish, marine reptiles, flying reptiles algae ... However, many reptiles have survived, among them, for example, were crocodiles and lizards.

  • Well, go to the versions.The first and most popular among scientists - asteroid.But what exactly?Probably the same one that lef
    t a huge crater Chicxulub, which is located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.It is believed that the meteorite fell to earth about 65 million years, leaving a crater with a diameter of 180 km.With regard to a celestial body size, its diameter reaches to 10 km.But the main thing is not even the size, but then, what was the impact energy - about 100 thousand gigatons, if you count in trotillovom equivalent.Any nuclear bomb weaker in hundreds or even thousands of times!Well, after the collision occurred, it rose into the air dust, so much so raised that had not yet dropped a few years, and the sun was not visible at all.You understand that any plants survive just failed in similar circumstances would be.But some animals still survive.By the way, supporters of the hypothesis believe that even after the fall of an asteroid several types of dinosaurs survived, but later died due to lack of food, as well as the impossibility of procreation.
  • following account is also associated with the fall of meteorites, but scientists believe that there were a few, and they fall to the ground repeatedly.This version also has the right to life, as on our planet found a sufficient number of craters on the asteroid, which date from the same time, when dinosaurs began to die.
  • According to other views, the role played by the spread of one or more infectious diseases, which infects many species of animals.This, incidentally, may explain the fact that not all the animals have died, but only part of them.
  • Very often you can hear that the death of the dinosaurs occurred due to continental drift, causing the changed system of sea and air currents, which in turn led to a significant cooling of almost the entire planet.However, one can argue that the cold was unbearable.On the contrary, many scientists are of the opinion that the cooling was not as great as they think.However, this led to the death of plants and smaller animals, because of what began to die and the dinosaurs, feed on them.
  • Dinosaurs - warm-blooded animals.At night, they did not freeze, not only due to the fact that in the world at that time it was warm everywhere and no sudden changes in temperature, but also due to the fact that their body gets very hot in the sun during the day and night simply do not have time to cool down.However, this is only possible if the beast, of which we speak, had a huge size, which is not the cubs dinosaurs that at night froze weakened, become lethargic and very often subjected to attacks of other beasts, which triumphed over them.
  • According to another theory, over the centuries, many animals have adapted to plant foods.Around the same time began to appear small mammals, such as mice and rats were.Accordingly, there were those who ate rats.Among other things, they also eat eggs of other animals, including the dinosaurs were.The latter, by the way, in general, could not protect their future offspring, as their eggs and young are very small relative to the adult.This greatly affected the birth rate.
  • Some scientists claim that the culprit was the growing volcanic - eruption took place regularly and almost all over the planet.Because of this, many became extinct species.However, here you can find some interesting facts.Firstly, the volcanic activity at that time was not so high, that would affect the status of the entire Earth.And secondly, this process has been short-lived, or just dinosaurs would have adapted to it, as did the reptiles.
  • There is another interesting view that the one to blame sea level change, or rather, his downfall.However, this could be affected by much of the only marine animals, land would not notice any changes.
  • In the early 2000s there was a hypothesis, which states that the cause of the extinction, climate change was just a few degrees, that is, the cold snap and speech can not be.Then what's the deal?It turns out that even a small change in climate had a strong influence on the changes of the reproductive system of the dinosaurs.Thus, the light began to appear exclusively males, because of what the subsequent appearance of progeny is impossible.


Alas, at the moment the true cause of death of the dinosaurs did not know anybody.Nevertheless, I want to believe that someday, scientists still can find the answer to this burning question.Well, we can only be satisfied with different views and versions of which exist on this world a huge amount ...