September 03, 2016 23:11

Why elephants afraid of mice ?

elephant is considered the largest animal that can be found on land.He inhabits in the tropical forests in countries such as Africa and India.It is characterized by a massive body, rather large head, large ears, thick legs, a long trunk and massive tusks.The largest elephant, which, incidentally, hit the Guinness Book of Records, was discovered in Angola in the 70s of the last century - its weight was more than 12 tons!The average weight of the male - about 5 tons, and females - to 3 m length -. 5-7 meters.

Interestingly, the males do not only differ in their dimensions from the females, but also have a much larger tusks - their length may reach 3 m Incidentally, animals, these as the people are right-handed and left-handed -. In life they usually use one tusk.Identify it can be on its degree of wear.

The main feature of this mammal is, of course, the trunk - a flexible and long process, which is an intergrown upper lip and nose.The average length of the ridge is 1.4-1.5 m, and weight - 100 kg.The

trunk has a high mobility and flexibility that is possible thanks to a complex system of tendons and muscles.

And here is another very interesting feature of this mammal - its skin has a thickness of 3-4 cm, while it is very sensitive to various types of damage and insect bites.That is why its protection elephants bathe in the ponds, as well as take a mud and dust bath.

Ever since childhood, we know that elephants are afraid of mice, and fear so that they can almost break through the wall in front of him, a get-away.Is it really?

According to scientists, these thugs are not afraid of rodents.Rather, they are afraid, but only slightly.On foot, they have claws, under which there are small holes.As he walked across the expanses of the elephant may inadvertently "settle" out there at any rodent, and since at this point the skin is very sensitive, it all feels physically.The mouse is also the gift of time is not lost - it can eat the skin is that, of course, the poor African animals do not like.But to get rid of the rodent mammal in the home is almost impossible, except with the help of man.

However, if you put the mouse on the trunk of the elephant, it is unlikely to be frightened.Another thing, if a rodent will run on the ground - in this case the animal by virtue of their excellent hearing noises can scare him.

By the way, some people think that if the mouse climbs in the trunk of an elephant, then he could die.Believe me, it is not - it is enough to single exhalation, which would at once get rid of this unusual "guest»