September 04, 2016 23:11

Why cats are labeled ?

When a man takes to his kitty, is a magnificent creation, he surely did not realize that after only a few months, his pet can start to do is not the most beautiful thing - to chew slippers, scratching the wallpaper, take a crap in the mostinappropriate places ... But that's not the worst thing - the grown kitten may start to leave the so-called labels that are very much odor.By the way, get rid of them is very difficult, even with the best detergents.Why or why animals do?

The reasons why cats mark

In fact, several of them at once, but before we begin to talk about them, let us first find out what is the label.In fact, this is also urination, which can occur in different places in the house or on the street.Leaving a mark, pet crouching on his hind legs, tail and vzdergivaet produces a concentrated dose of urine from the bladder.It is worth noting that the label is right on the nose at the other cats - she can say that this area is already occupied, the readiness to mate, or the date of the last


And now about the reasons.

  • aggravation of the sexual instinct (usually occurs in the spring).As a rule, it is important for adult cats.In this case, they are not only beginning to mark their territory, but rushing through the apartment, gnaw shoes tear up furniture, constantly shouting, sometimes show aggression and even refuse to eat.The issue can be solved in different ways.Firstly, it is possible to resort to castration (operation for removal of testes) and, secondly, the pharmacological use a method in which hormonal applied.However, if not properly applying them can be difficult health pet, up to cancer.Of course, if the cat walk, bother you with their cries, he is unlikely to become.
  • Changing familiar surroundings.For example, in the house there is repair and pet is well aware of this.According to scientists, even the most perfect cat in this case hardly hold out silt that would mark a new wall pasted wallpaper.To prevent this from happening, you need to let the animal in an apartment or room only under strict supervision, causing it to make sure it is still in its territory and have nothing to fear.
  • Stressful situations.It is no secret that cats are under the influence of fear or just nervous during situations can not only run and hide, but also mark territory.
  • appearance of any foreign smell animal in your home, even if you brought it on their clothes, can make your pet begin to put the mark.Furthermore, cats often feel the other cat, which lies on the floor above or below in a neighboring apartment.He is considered a potential competitor, so your pet begins to mark what would show Whose territory.Out of this situation, only one - resort castration, of course, if your cat will not be used as a manufacturer.But even in this case it can put labels for some time, until completely dry up his hormones.
    But if the house is just a group of cats, the situation is even worse.As soon as one of them to start mark, others may feel it in your enemy and will respond in kind.
  • diseases of internal organs.Usually, the problem is the inflammation of the urinary tract.Reveal it is not difficult - usually at the start pet urinary problems, causing him to accept a peculiar posture and puts his mark.If you notice similar symptoms, do not hesitate for a long time, and as soon as you can show pet to the vet.After treatment the pain will disappear, and the cat will no longer be labeled.


problem the best way to address this issue - castration.Why?First, the cat is removed excessive sexual desire.Second, it allows him to protect themselves from a large number of infections that it can pick up during mating.Third, the animal's behavior becomes much more stable and the March night it will not disturb you with their singing.But, again, this method is suitable only in cases when your pet is not a producer