September 04, 2016 23:11

Why glued dog ?

Most pet lovers opted for cats.Why?Because these creatures are, firstly, the incredibly cute, and secondly, do not require any special care.In fact, I bought a special meal, but change the water periodically.About the toilet, too, think it is not necessary - filled tray solves this problem in a few seconds.Yet there are always those people who choose dogs - someone they are dearer, besides some use them to protect homes.Whatever it was, the dogs are usually a lot more hassle.And they can cause surprises - when during intercourse glued.So, today, we consider this issue in more detail - why dogs stick together?

In order to answer this question, we must turn to the terminology.

That condition where dogs stuck together, called skleschivanie.In fact, this is a normal condition of the animals during mating, due to the peculiarities of their body.This term is sometimes referred to as a lock.

This phenomenon - a kind of natural "insurance", which guarantees that the pairing will bear fruit.In fact, it is

spasmodic contraction okolovlagalischnyh muscles, while the blood rushes to the tip of the dog's penis.

Since fertilization in dogs occurs within the first five minutes, then skleschivanie is under a sense.However, when after copulation was not the castle and at the same time gives rise to posterity, not too little.However, the castle gives some confidence in the future for sure the female will give birth to pups born.

skleschivanie usually lasts about 10-15 minutes, although in some it can last a much longer time.After this process, the two "partner" feel fatigue and satisfaction, and their interest in the world around them, and each one falls, so after mating pet is better not to bother, and give them a rest.

Some pet owners certainly have wondered - what to do in such cases?Experts say that is nothing to do in any case is not necessary, because this process is natural, and after only 10-20 minutes of calm dog "to part" with one another (although in some cases skleschivanie can last up to several hours).The only thing that you as the owner, you can help your pet, so it is to hold it, which he did not twitch.That's only necessary to do it very carefully, otherwise beloved dog may simply bite your hand at this stressful time for him.In general, it is better to just wait