September 04, 2016 23:11

Why cats treading water ?

cats - one of the most popular pets in the world (on this indicator can be compared only with the dogs).Surely any of you know when your favorite pet jumps on the knees, sits down and begins slowly to press his furry paws.First, the movement slowly and carefully, but they gradually become more intense.After some time of claws tabs appear that start abut against the skin of the host.It is at this stage ends with a massage, because the owner of the animal begins to feel pain, bringing a pet is on the floor.Today we will learn why and what marking cats.

Reasons for marking cat
  • Primarily this behavior is associated with childhood cat.Remember, when the kittens are still quite small, all the time they spend in the company of his mother.They are nowhere on it does not depart at first, and even if it happens that one of the "children" ran far into the distance, mother immediately comes down and bring back into place behind him.They feed baby solely because his mother - they suck her milk.If you loo
    k at this kid process alternately press the tabs on the cat's chest.This is to ensure that promotion of milk would occur.Otherwise kittens will remain hungry.So, this is the habit starts from childhood.Kittens, gradually grow up, do not forget about it and occasionally treading water.
  • Domestic cats are very attached to his master.See for yourself: he feeds an animal, watching him, changing tray, carries to the vet and so on.In turn, the cat reciprocate.Perhaps in the eyes of their owner - is a kind of mother who takes care of everything themselves.In order to thank the person, many cats are beginning to stagnate.This is, firstly, to thank, and secondly, a reminder of my mother, who is now the owner replaced them.
  • According to another popular belief, the whole thing is the cat's instincts.As is known, the domestic cat originated from the steppe, who were born at least 100 thousand years ago, and so it can be found in North Africa.The domestication occurred about 10 thousand years ago.However, many of the habits in pet survived by his ancestor.Historians claim that the steppe cat before going to sleep, always trample down the grass on the ground, as it were, making yourself comfortable rookery.It is this habit passed to our beloved clumps of fur that before going to bed trying to trample down a blanket or a pillow on which they will sleep tonight.
  • Finally, such a simple way a cat indicate that their life, as they say, failed.And indeed, a noble host and feed, and sleep tuck, and pat - another cat that is necessary for life?Well, except that walk ... By the way, this theory also confirms the fact that street cats never treading water, except for some exceptions.

Trampling on her knees and abdomen

Very often, a cat treading water not anywhere, but directly on the host.Usually, it happens after the beloved pet and wants to eat, what would the master patted him caressed.To do this, he climbs on it.At some point it begins to stagnate, as if making a massage to its owner - this can be seen as a kind of gratitude.In addition, in such a way an animal makes it clear that it is safe now.

worth noting that the massage from the cat is very pleasant, but only until such time as the legs do not appear from the claws that can scratch the skin.Most interesting is that during this session, the animal often drool in the truest sense of the word.But if you suddenly banish it from their homes, the pet may harbor a grudge against you - how is it that he is to you with all my heart, and you with him to do so ... Alas, he was not aware that you are in pain.

recommended to find a middle ground that would have been nice to you, and does not hurt the cat.Experts recommend the following methods:

  • Firstly, you need to watch out for nails of an animal, that is to grind them.But in any case, do not hesitate to remove them!In recent years, a common practice, according to which the owners completely remove their pets claws.This can not be done, because the claws are very important for cats - with their help, they will not only defend themselves from their enemies or rivals, but also use them when walking, jumping, climbing trees, and so on.
  • Second, Get a separate bed for the cat.Why?The fact that many breeders pets prefer to sleep in the same bed.However, if the cat will sleep separately from owner, its habits significantly changed, including where it is less marking time.This, incidentally, has been proven by experts.
  • Third, you can protect yourself by wearing on the legs of the animal soft tissue, which does not allow him to scratch anything.However, pet can be helpless without their nails.
  • Fourth, if you are afraid or simply do not want to harm your pet, then before it will appear on your lap or belly, be sure to take a light blanket or rug.The cat will begin to mark time, but its claws will not bite into your skin, and a blanket.Thus, you kill two birds at once - you do not hurt the cat and nice.


As for kittens memory, we would like to tell you this.When a kitten is born in his genes laid down certain instincts.However, this does not mean that over time they develop into real knowledge.Here's an example: small kitten running around the room for the butterfly.But do not think that it grows a born hunter.While my mother did not show him how to hunt on their own, he will not do (except for rare exceptions).

It is also interesting that the cats are very many remember, and on a subconscious level.For example, when a pet has managed to open the door using the legs.Even after a couple of years, he did not forget, and if the newly closed door appears, he will try to open it.This fully applies to marking time, the subject of our article