September 09, 2016 23:14

Why lashes fall out ?

Thanks lashes look a woman can make a man not only draw on the attention, but also something more ... That's just not all women can boast healthy and thick eyelashes from birth - in some they are liquid, and besides constantly fall.Why?

reasons for loss of eyelashes

  • natural loss.It is quite normal that there is absolutely no noticeable to humans.It as hair, which also tend to drop out daily.In place of the dead cilia grow new.However, this process can be swept up in the event that the young cilia grow slowly, thus significantly changing the image of women.
  • allergic reactions.This may occur if you suffer from allergies to various types of cosmetic products, which are in contact with your eyes.This can be not only ink, but also lotions, makeup remover, eye shadow and so on.
  • lack of vitamins.Usually loss occurs in the winter and spring days, when a person is experiencing a shortage of some vitamins and mineral elements.
  • Malnutrition.If you decide to lose weight to the warm season, and de
    cided to go on a diet consisting of only one or a few products, the loss of cilia do not be surprised - after all the diet should be varied.
  • The use of drugs or antibiotics.
  • diseases of internal organs.Thus, the problem may occur, for example, in diseases associated with the thyroid gland.
  • Inflammation of the eyelids.
  • Stressful situations.

What if the lashes fall out?

The first step is to find out the cause of this phenomenon.Since the do it yourself you probably will not work, we advise you to seek professional help.

If it turns out that this is just an allergic reaction to cosmetics, then look closely to its carcass - not whether it has expired?If with a shelf life that's all right, it is recommended to replace an analog only other manufacturers.Experts also recommend at this time to buy a special vitaminized ink, composed of useful substances cilia, significantly improving their growth and overall health.The same applies to other means, which are in contact with your eyes.

way, often not recommended to use waterproof mascara, which often affects the growth of cilia.It is better to stop using it altogether.

As for removing eye make-up, many women resort to the old-fashioned soap.But why, because it not only dries the skin, but also irritates her?It is better to buy a special tool to remove makeup around the eyes - are sold in any drugstore.

Lack of vitamins can make up for with the help of the use of fresh fruits and vegetables.However, in the winter this is not so simple, it is recommended that a special drink fortified complex.You can purchase it by yourself from a pharmacy, but before you start taking vitamins, best to consult on this matter with the doctor.Why?And because some systems can not be used for longer than two to three weeks, because you can earn hypervitaminosis.

If we talk about nutrition, it is necessary to eat correctly.But what is right?This means that you must give up the spicy and fatty foods, fast food and baking, eat more fruits and vegetables, less abuse such beverages as coffee, strong tea, sparkling water.the meat must be present in the diet (preferably beef), fish, herbs, seafood, cheese, nuts and cereals.Of course, the meat should be just cooked, baked in extreme cases, but not fried.

Folk remedies

  • Among folk remedies leader in the treatment of outliers cilia is vegetable oil.It should be clear from the eye make-up (if you decide to use this method, it is better to completely abandon the cosmetics for a few weeks) and with the help of an old brush of mascara applied to the eyelashes castor and linseed oil.In this form, the eye should be kept for about one hour, after which they can be cleaned with a dry cotton swab.Vitamins contained in the oil, favorable impact on the growth of cilia, and strengthen them.
  • If the cause of hair loss is an inflammation of the eyelids, it can help compress on the basis of medicinal infusions of sage, calendula, chamomile and eucalyptus.It is necessary to make the grass in the cup, pour boiling water, let it brew and cool.In solution, it is necessary to soak a cotton pad and put it on my eyes.Hold for 15 minutes, after which you can withdraw.
  • To strengthen the lashes can help this very simple method: Pour into a small bowl of warm water, breathe air and lower face in the water, began to blink for 15-20 seconds.Then take a short break and repeat the procedure.Despite the simplicity of this method, it has a very effective impact on the eyelashes (as, in any case, claim to try it).
  • said that the benefit also has a mask created from a mixture of olive oil and crushed parsley.Apply the mask should be on the eyelids with light massaging movements.However, the mixture may cause an allergic reaction