Why pistachios are so expensive ?

Pistachio - genus of evergreen shrubs or small trees of the family sumach, 3-10 meters high.Despite the relatively small increase, the roots of plants are characterized by their length: they go in depth on 12-15 meters, and to the side - 30-40 meters.The most common in the Western, Eastern and Central Asia, the Mediterranean and North-East Africa, and some species of this plant can be found in Central America.

pistachio grows on the mountain-steppe brown soils and gray soils, cliffs, slopes.Drought-resistant, light-requiring, very fond of the soil, rich in calcium, which she easily assimilates.Shrubs can withstand low temperatures (up to -25 ° C).The plant usually grows a single instance, forming the forest are extremely rare.

pistachio blossoms in April, at least in March, and the fruit harvested in September-November.In the food consumed nuts more than two thousand years.In some countries, they are especially appreciated.So, in Persia, they were considered a symbol of wealth.Bring to "condition" nuts can be different - someone simply dries in the sun, while others soak them in a saline solution, and then fried.In this form they are available in Russian.

pistachio nuts have a high nutritional value, contain very high amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins, fats, carbohydrates and antioxidants that prevent aging of the organism.Scientists have proved that the use of this product has a tonic effect on the body and helps fight stress, and reduces the level of "harmful" cholesterol in the blood.However, if we compare the pistachios, say, with peanuts, they are unlikely to last much replay in their properties.So what is connected as the high price of this nut?It turns out that more or less normally begin to bear fruit only those trees than the age of not less than 6-7 years.Maximum performance is achieved only from plant to 20 years of age, and the number of fruit is not amazing (good harvest is considered to be a few tens of kilograms collected nuts per tree).Farmers value their time and spent force, and therefore the price of the product is so high