What makes hematogen ?

Many of us who were born in Soviet times, will remember such a wonderful sweetness, called hematogenous.It is this I may say chocolate are often the first in the life of a sweet treat for Soviet children.But in addition to its wonderful taste of these bars have a lot of useful properties.But about all in order.

According to historical facts, the first physician in the world, proved that between physical exhaustion and loss of blood there is a link, was Sergey Botkin, who created including teaching about the body as a single entity that can subordinate their own.However, for the first time hematogen it was not created by Russian leaders and Western - Dr. Gommel hematogen released in 1890 in Switzerland.However, it was not a bar, as one might think, and medicine on the basis of bovine blood.The drug became popular and sold even in our country.However, after a few decades, we have a private hematogen and analogs thereof.

What hematogen?

This preparation containing a iron.Its use stimulates the creation of blood cells or, as they are called erythrocytes.Manufactured product of dry defibrinated blood of cattle, which extends further processed for purification of different kinds of infections or bacteria.In order to improve the taste hematogen, it is usually added in various flavors, including chocolate, honey, condensed milk and so on.Product appearance resembles chocolate bars, although it is not of.

Hematogen not considered a cure, though could be those at least for the reason that its pharmacological action is not in doubt anybody.But if it is compared with the more modern medicine, it is much less effective.

As for our country, we have a drug sometimes still register it as a cure, but in most cases it is only a dietary supplement.The difference between them, except for different flavors, no.But there is a difference in price.So, if the product is available as a remedy, the value added tax is not the usual 18% and 10%, so at first glance, to sell hematogen as a drug is much more profitable.On the other hand, it requires a high drug quality control, which may be delayed for months.With Badami is much easier - they are not exposed to such a severe test that saves a lot of time.Besides, dietary supplements can be sold not only in drugstores, supermarkets, but even in that significantly increases the purchasing power.

Benefits and harms hematogen

In addition to iron, which we wrote about a little higher in the hematogen include proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Besides, vitamin A, and a large number of amino acids, which are necessary in the first place a growing organism.

Besides being hematogen up for the lack of iron in the body, it has a bracing effect on the human body: it improves blood formation process, increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, normalizes the work of many systems of the body.Included in the product vitamin A is very positive impact on the state of the nails, hair, skin, and also has a positive effect on eyesight.Hematogen recommended to use with anemia - a disease that occurs due to a lack of iron in the body.Also, the product is often included in the diet of people who have recently had surgery - it allows you to normalize the condition of the body faster.Finally, it is necessary to use in diseases accompanied by bleeding, such as stomach ulcer.

If we talk about the harm to the body, it is present.Firstly, a large number of hematogenous contains digestible carbohydrates, which can lead to obesity.Secondly, the same thing can be said about the sweet additives.Third, sweet supplements are not the most favorable impact on the condition of the teeth.

Norms use

order that would do no harm to your body, you need to be supported by a simple rule - use hematogen must be no more than 50 grams per day.This is no big deal, because in most cases, the product is packed with 50 g But this - a dose for an adult, much less kids rule.However, on this issue is best to consult a pediatrician