How many calories in a banana ?

Banana - a genus of herbaceous plants of the same name, which grow in the tropics of Southeast Asia.The fruits of these plants are also called banana.Fruits are known to be eaten.In some countries, this plant is one of the most important crops, which can only be compared with some grain.

About calorie diet and

So, friends, it is time to figure out how many calories are in a banana.As you can guess, it depends also on the size of the fruit.Nevertheless, the average caloric content of between 70 and 140 kcal per one fruit.It seems to be not so much, but if you're a fan of bananas and thus likely to be overweight, you'd better to limit their use in food.

is also worth noting that green bananas are a bit more high-calorie, than usual for us yellow.A dried at all in this respect are similar to chocolate bars - their calorie content can be up to 300 calories per 100 grams of the product!

There is a so-called banana diet, which has enjoyed great success enough.It is unusual in that it is suitable for people who suffer from stomach problems and some other organs, including the liver and kidneys.

diet based exclusively on the use of these fruits from the tropics and is designed for 3-7 days, depending on the specific situation.There are several types of diets, but the most popular of them - sparing.For several days you must eat only bananas (at least 1.5 kg of pulp) with a glass of water or green tea.The duration of such a diet may not exceed three days, because at this time the body is very badly in need of other elements that are simply not available in bananas.In full compliance with all the necessary conditions a person can lose up to one and a half kilograms per day.

However, there is a much simpler diet, which includes not only bananas, and other products.However, before you start losing weight, you should consult a doctor in this regard.


believed that a banana - one of the most ancient plants, which generally are cultured in the present.According to the study, it considered the birthplace of the islands of the Malay Archipelago, where the fruits consumed with fish products.By the way, this fact is also confirmed by scientists found ancient manuscripts.

In the tropics, bananas are very popular in more modern times, can not be said about America and Europe.The problem was to transport fruit - for them it is necessary to maintain a constant temperature, ensuring that it was not easy.However, everything changed in the 19th century, when finally began to appear refrigeration systems and developing the railway.

growth of export of bananas began to grow by leaps and bounds, while it still does not stop.Today, this fruit is grown in almost every country with a humid tropical climate.The volume of bananas grown at the beginning of the 2000s was about 100 million tonnes, although this figure is only approximate.At the same time, some countries grown fruit exclusively for domestic consumption, such as, for example, China or India.

Application bananas bananas

formally divided into two groups: Platano and dessert.Second - those fruits to which we are accustomed to, that you need to eat right in the raw form.Platano also require heat treatment.They have a red or green skin, and their flesh is savory and robust, so they need to fry, boil or soar - it depends on taste preferences.Platano often used as feed for livestock.The most interesting thing is that these are the kinds of bananas are grown in most of the tropics.

addition to eating, bananas are used for medical purposes, and now we are talking not only about the fruit, but also other parts of the plant.For example, the flowers can be used in the treatment of diseases such as bronchitis or dysentery, and infusion of them use in diabetes.The juice of the plant, which is practically not available we used in epilepsy or indigestion, and the pulp is used to increase the level of hemoglobin and PMS.

But that's not all.In hot countries actively used the stems of the plant from which make fishing gear, and even clothes!From the dried skins can be obtained black colorant.Furthermore, the peel may be used as a filter for water purification from heavy metals, but this method can be used only in industry