Strawberries in pregnancy

Once pregnancy occurs, each woman Forced to limit themselves in power.Alas, these are the rules that must be followed, otherwise it may be detrimental to the health not even born baby and mother's health itself.We are talking primarily about oily and just bad food.But what is harmful and what is not?As it turned out, such a product can even be vegetables and fruits, especially strawberries, which are and will further our conversation.

Can pregnant women eat strawberries?

It has long been accepted that the products grown in the garden or on the trees, the default can not be dangerous to health.And this is true, because in the same fruit contains a huge amount of vitamins and mineral elements, which are found in meat or fish sometimes impossible.That is why in the summer we try to eat as much fruit that would saturate the body with useful substances.But it is not only in use.Fruits and vegetables - incredibly delicious.Tell me honestly, do not you love the salad of tomato and cucumber, seasoned with olive or vegetable oil?A fresh black currants?Hardly.

Nevertheless, every pregnant woman should monitor closely the use of such products.This can be explained as follows: imagine that you are allergic to strawberries.In fact, it is a disease.Accordingly, you can not eat it, well, except that in tiny amounts.Pregnancy - is a kind of disease, so it is necessary to follow a diet to the point until it passes, that is, the light will not kid you not done to breastfeed.

What is so dangerous strawberries?And that is a strong allergen!Of course, you can argue that allergy can cause virtually any product and you will be absolutely right, however, scientists have long found that it was strawberry has almost the highest degree of activity among other fruits.What to do?There is only one - to completely abandon its use.After all, the problem is not just that the allergy can manifest itself in the mother, and that problems could arise with the fruit, which is in the stomach.Experts say that about the fifth month of the body crumbs is particularly susceptible to food that mom uses, so you need to eat with great care.

However, there is another explanation for the ban.So, berry tones the muscle tissue, which in turn can lead to uterine tone and subsequent miscarriage.In addition, strawberries contain several types of acids that have one bad property - they wash away calcium, which is vital to any pregnant girl.And the acid is not the best way affects the state of the gastrointestinal tract and is contraindicated in gastritis or ulcer.

Girls who have had more than one pregnancy, are well aware that during this time there may come a time when you want everything that is in the refrigerator and keep themselves at times almost impossible.And some are not constrained ... What happens to them?Often, absolutely nothing!Physicians are many known cases of women who were at different stages of pregnancy, ate strawberries and any effect was not for them.Even doctors themselves they say, that in fact in this period can eat pretty much just need to know the rate.And yet, to do so we do not recommend, it is better to stick to simple rules and diet, to avoid the possible consequences that can happen to a woman in labor or child.

strawberries Benefits

Despite everything written above, this berry carries a huge benefit.Thus, all 100 products contain many useful elements and vitamins, as you will not find in any other fruits.But only on the condition that it is strawberries grown by you or your family in the country.That berry that can be found in the supermarket, is substantially free of any good, and the taste, to put it mildly, no ...

So, what contains strawberries?Vitamins (all group B, A, PP, E, H and C - it is not less than the black currant), minerals (vanadium, potassium, sodium, molybdenum, fluorine, manganese, magnesium, bromine, boron, chlorine, cobalt, selenium and so on), as well as several types of acids, alone among them is folic acid - a very important element for the development of the fetus in the womb, which promotes favorable course of pregnancy.

Berry improves metabolism, removes excess fluid from the body, lowers blood pressure, improves appetite, cleanses the intestines, as well as a beneficial effect on the blood, hematopoietic and cardiovascular systems.

Finally I would like to talk about the correct use of strawberries.Primarily never eat her fasting since this may be detrimental to your health.Eat it in small amounts.Finally, eat berries, along with dairy products, to avoid leaching of calcium from the body