Why not kisnet Milk from shops ?

You've probably noticed that the milk bought in the supermarket, there can be a few weeks in the refrigerator open while the taste is not affected.At the same time the milk purchased from grannies who just milked a cow, very quickly disappears.Why?Next, we look at a few reasons for this phenomenon.

  • This milk drink, and not a natural product.If you remember, a few years ago the government banned selling this drink as "milk".However, the manufacturers it does not stop because of this seemingly blatant violation of the liability provided for lenient punishment.
  • Milk sterilized.Sterilization is carried out at a very high temperature, whereby the product loses all bacteria.At the same time, the drink quickly zakisnet worth it to put a spoonful of sour cream ooze.
  • Composed preservatives.In general, according to the rules, you can not add in the milk-like substance, but, as we have already mentioned above, it does not stop anyone.It is understood that on the pack is silent about it.Check milk for the presence of additives is not so difficult - because some people suffer from allergies, for example, sodium benzoate, so when using such beverages they appear all signs of an allergic reaction.
  • milk contains antibiotics.They are added with a view that would suppress reproduction of sour milk bacteria.As they enter the body of the animal?See, in the old days our farmers fed cattle hay natural, sometimes collected himself.Currently, all food is bought mostly from foreign producers, of which already include antibiotics.
  • The product is added to soda.This is done to ensure that prolong the shelf life of products, because the soda is an excellent preservative.However, it is often found in reconstituted milk composition, and thus added to the milk powder.And everything would be fine, except for one BUT - the recovery process milk rather long and complicated.Under high temperature soda react with milk proteins resulting in a byproduct of the reaction - ammonia.It is known to be a poison, which gradually accumulates in the human body, becoming a cause of many illnesses dangerous to the body.Pleases even though that, in this case, its concentration is relatively low.

Let's summarize.If you really want to drink good and natural milk, you buy it only from reliable people.The store is it worth to buy only when you drink the drink is relatively rare.For the kids loved and did best to buy baby food - the risk is much less