How to drink sambuca ?

Sambuca - is a very popular drink, and to be more precise - Italian liqueur that has a strong aroma of anise.By the way, anise - is an annual herbaceous plant and a spice that grows, including in Russia.Returning to sambuca is worth noting that this is a very strong alcoholic beverages, alcohol content, which varies from 38 to 42%.The fluid is usually clear, but it is often added to natural dyes, which are able to dye liquor even blue.Apart from anise, a drink made with sugar, wheat alcohol, aromatic herbs, flowers and even fruit.Interestingly, most manufacturers keep their recipes secret.

Unlike our usual vodka, sambuca often can be found in the club get-together, where it is very popular.This is due to the fact that completely different effect on the body.In contrast to the same vodka, he did not "ship", and uplifting.Not surprisingly, many after consuming the drink with pleasure dance.But do not think that drinking sambuca only in clubs - at home it did not consume less.

main way

We'll start with the most popular method is the use of sambuca, which is used by the majority of our fellow citizens and not only.It is called "Italian" and its complete full name sounds Sambuca Con Mosca, which is translated into Russian as "Sambuca with flies."Upon hearing the name, many people simply give up intoxicating, but flies are called coffee beans, which must be used together with a drink.Now here's the recipe.

  • So, the first thing we need to do is to buy a bottle of sambuca, tubes for drinks, find napkins, cigarette lighter, glass of cognac and a few grains of natural whole coffee.
  • next step.In the eyes pour a small amount of drink into a glass (about 40-50 mL).In principle, you can pour and more, but experts do not recommend because sambuca have set fire to and it will be a long time to warm up.The intoxicating throw a few grains of coffee - usually stop at number 3, but you can safely increase this figure.Incidentally, with regard to coffee, many do not understand, why do we need.It's simple - it is coffee beans promote volatilization of anise flavor, which many simply disgusting.
  • What's next?As long as you do not set fire to alcohol, take unnecessary cloth, which is not a pity to throw out, because the next time the action is very easy to spill alcohol, which ulyapaet table.Now you need to use prepared napkins and straws.Take a napkin and pierce it at a party rolls.
  • Take unnecessary glass.On it put a glass with a drink in such a way that the latter can be steep.Sambuca ignite with a lighter (although it would be better to do it with a long match or wand) and begin to slowly twist our glass.Thus it does not burst, and you will not get burned.Spin liquid you need about half a minute - during this time she will have time to properly warm up.Now carefully pour the liquid into a glass bottom.This should be done more carefully as possible, because incorrect actions may cause a fire.Empty glass of cognac, sambuca which was quickly put on a napkin with a straw.Quickly drink a warm drink (remember, the fire must be extinguished!), Chewed grain and immediately inhale alcohol vapors using straws.Some people do the opposite - first inhale the vapors, and then drink sambuca, but the decision is yours.

Other recipes

If you, for whatever reasons, are not satisfied with the method described above us, we will tell you about other ways to use sambuca, who enjoy a little less popular.

  • Of course, you can drink only drink pure, as many do.In principle, the taste of sambuca in this case is quite interesting, but may not like it because of the sharp aroma of anise.In order that would at least slightly reduce the smell, put a bottle of alcohol in the fridge for a couple of hours.
  • very simple way, similar to that we have described above: sambuca poured into a small stack of thick glass and ignited.Burn it should be about 10 seconds, after which the flame extinguish powerful breath and drink.In this case, it is likely to get burned, so be careful.
  • summer cocktails are especially popular this intoxicating.Take sambuca, pour it into a glass of cold sparkling mineral water in proportions of 1 to 1. You can add a little ice.Initially, alcohol can be a bit muddy, but nothing wrong with that, because it is associated with essential oils, which are poorly soluble in water.
  • Very often in bars offer a taste sambuca mixed with milk in equal proportions.How interesting is this drink, we find it difficult to say, but we suspect that if you have problems with the stomach, by this cocktail should be abandoned