As there is a mango ?

Mangoes belong to the genus of tropical plants sumach family.It is an evergreen tree whose height can reach 45 meters in height and crown width of sometimes up to 10 m. The young plant leaves have a yellowish tint, but as they grow become dark green.The flowers are small, have white-pink color and delicious smell of lilies.After the flowers fade, it takes about six months to complete ripening.

According to historical data, originally mangoes growing on the territory of Myanmar and India, but then began to cultivate plants in other countries.So do not be surprised that it can be found in countries such as China, USA, Mexico, as well as on the African continent and in Australia.By the way, the leader in the collection of mango is India - there's going to about 10 million tons of fruit annually.If we talk about the European countries, there is the palm keeps Spain.

By the way, the fruits.They do not grow on one, and wove on long stems in the amount of several dozen pieces, the weight of some fruits can reach several kilograms!Unripe fruit is not too pleasant to the taste, but contain large amounts of starch and pectin, which, however, is much less as soon as bone begins to form.This mango has a sour taste due to the presence of acids, but is famous for the presence of vitamin C.

But mature fruit has an excellent taste properties.However, the acid is much less, but significantly added vitamins.For example, Vitamin A has a positive effect on eyesight, and protects against colds.

However, you need to eat mangoes with care.So, even a couple of immature fruits can irritate the stomach lining and causes colic and ripe often lead to constipation or bowel disorder.

use methods mango

In total there are three methods.Of course, in reality there are many more, but we will tell you about the most popular ones.

Before we begin, I would like to remind you that eating a mango can be used exclusively pulp - peel thick, tough and tasteless.Also remember that the pulp of ripe fruit is very soft and juicy, you can heavily soiled.Take this into consideration.

first method
  • Take the fruit and how to follow my running water.
  • Now we need the board, a knife and a soup plate.
  • Take the board, place it carefully with a knife mango and cut fruit slices (in more detail with this operation you can find in the presented below screenshot).You should now have three pieces of fruit.
  • Now take up one piece and with a knife gently make such utter mesh.Remember that the cuts should be deeper, but you do not have to cut the peel.
  • Now this piece gently to turn out and cut away the cubes in a deep dish, prepared in advance.
  • As for the remainder of the third piece (on the bone), we advise you to remove all the pulp with a knife.

  • That's all.Mango can use either as a separate dish, or as a component for salads.

second way

If you are not going to use the mango salad, and just want to eat it, you'll like much more simple method.

  • How should rinse the fruit.
  • Take it in your hand and carefully cut in half with a knife.When ripe the fruit, then it can go juice - so be prepared!
  • Separate the halves to each other, one of them will remain a bone.Be sure to cut it.
  • You can start your meal.To do this, take a teaspoon and start to eat the flesh of excellent taste.

The third way

If you purchased more unripe fruit, the solution to your problem is much more simple.

  • After you have washed the fruit, it is not necessary to cut.Pick up a potato peeler or small knife and start to cut the skin from the mango.This should be done as gently as possible, that would not be cut.
  • After this procedure, you can begin to cut the flesh from the bones directly, because the juice to get dirty, you can not - it in a fruit almost none.
  • Use immature mango pulp is recommended for salads, but only in small quantities