Why you can not eat tomatoes ?

Just yesterday we told why you can not eat the cucumbers.Today we decided to talk about tomatoes, not less popular vegetables in our country.

The word "tomato" was formed from the Italian Pomo d, oro, which can be translated as the golden apple.There is nothing unusual in this title, as the fruits of this plant are not only tasty but also very useful. course, under certain circumstances, they can not eat, but about this we will talk about later.

meantime learn that contain tomatoes.So: mineral salts, vitamins (PP, C, E, K, group B), various acids (namely, oxalic, malic and citric), glucose, fructose, carotene, mineral elements (phosphorus, zinc, iodine, copper, potassium,magnesium fluoride, calcium), and the particular substance called lycopene.It is thanks to him tomato fruits acquire a nice purple color, but not only that his credit.Lycopene is an excellent antioxidant, anti-aging, furthermore, it prevents cancers, and diseases of the digestive tract and prostate.Since this element is very useful for health, it is best to eat fresh tomatoes.However, it is also saved in large quantities and in stews or roasted fruits.

Well, now it's time to find out when this wonderful vegetable is better not to drink.In particular this applies to people suffering from kidney disease - they are contraindicated tomatoes in any form, especially salty.The fact that the salt and so is not the best effect on our health, and then you also acids which may cause increased pain.It is interesting that frequent consumption of tomato juice, especially in conjunction with products containing starch, can lead to the formation of stones in the bladder and kidneys, so it is necessary to know the measure on the use of this tasty beverage.

Remember that tomatoes - a strong allergen.If you have an allergy to food, be careful with them (this is especially true for pregnant women and nursing mothers).By the way, it is believed that elongated tomatoes contain many times more pesticides than conventional round.However, this fact scientists have not confirmed nor denied