Why crumble bread ?

Bread, as we know, around the head.He is one of the products, which is generally produced in the world.According to historians, he appeared at the end of the Stone Age around 9000 BC and is a such utter gruel prepared from cereals and water, which is then baked.However, experts believe that it could be the result of experiments with water, or with barley.Currently, there is just a huge number of varieties of bread, some of which are particularly popular in a particular area.

Surely every woman, bought a fresh loaf, noticed that the last time when cutting it badly crumbled, and in this time is cut perfectly normal.What is the reason?The answer you will learn by reading this article until the end.

reasons crumbling bread

  • Firstly, this may be due to the fact that violated the conditions of preparation of the product.For example, a loaf can very quickly become dry and start to crumble, if added to the dough insufficient fat.The same happens with a lack of water, as well as large amounts of added salt.Often the purchase of bread added a lot of baking powder and yeast is very small, which also leads to breakage.Did the producers do not realize that saving a few pennies on the production, once and for all, they will lose a buyer for defective products?
  • Secondly, this may contribute to the poor quality of flour.It is clear that production facilities have to save, using a similar meal.But if you take it as a base for homemade bread, do not forget to put in a little batter of eggs - a problem in this case disappear.
  • Third, the bread can be banal half-baked, which is not surprising.But wait swear by factory workers - the fact that overdry products is also impossible, because otherwise it will crumble even more!Therefore, before cooking is not an easy task as the search of the golden mean ...
  • Fourth, the problem lies in insufficient kneading.There is likely to blame for appliances.However, it makes you unlikely to get easier ...
  • Fifth, the chemical composition of the problem.For you, certainly not a secret that when the workpiece in the dough added chemicals (cysteine, sodium thiosulfate, etc.) - they are necessary in order that the test would not rise took 3-4 hours, as required by the recipe, but only 4050 minutes.As a result of reduced grain production time as well as save more money.That's just the quality of the resulting product is very seriously affected in this case.
  • Sixth, improper storage.In order to prevent drying out of bread, you must wrap it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap.If a loaf of store in the refrigerator, it will contribute to the loss of moisture, causing it to become strong to crumble in a few days.Therefore it is best to store it in a breadbox.
  • Seventh, use a good knife!Do you really still believe that the knives of various shapes invented only for what would tear off with the money you have?So, it is not.Special bread knife makes it possible not only to avoid crumbling, and completely crushes a loaf!This way, you can easily check your own