Why Muslims do not eat pork ?

should start our story with a description of the pig.Thus, this animal belongs to the family of non-ruminant Artiodactyla, which includes eight species, including wild boar, domestic swine which ancestor.The latter has a medium-sized puhlobokoe body, medium length legs and a long snout, at the end of which there is a so-called "penny" - the adaptation, etc. through which the animal is looking for a feed.By the way, he has a great sense of smell, some pigs specially train to search for truffles - expensive and very tasty mushrooms that grow underground.This data is Wikipedia.

But if you ask someone such a pig in the dictionary, you will find other interesting details:

  • This hoofed mammal, home kind which are bred for their meat, fat, hair, skin (we wrote a little higher).
  • female of this animal.
  • dirty and untidy person.
  • uncultured and ignorant man with baser habits.

As you can see, in the eyes of absolutely any culture, be it Islam or Christianity, the creature looks dirty and untidy.However, the Russians are happy to consume pork, can not be said about our Muslim brothers who eat this kind of meat is contraindicated.Why?

why Muslims can not eat pork

  • This is stated in the scriptures. «Believers!Eat of the good things to eat, what We have given you, and thank God, if you worship Him.He has forbidden you to eat carrion, blood, pork and that which was slaughtered with the name of the other, and not Allah.But who will be forced to such food without being svoevolnikom, profane, on no sin, God is Forgiving, Merciful » (Holy Qur'an 2: 172, 173).It is worth noting that this is the main reason why the Muslims totally reject pork.
  • In this age of modern technology, scientists have long been able to figure out that eating pork can often be detrimental to human health.And it's not a joke.
    So, this animal eats everything it comes across on the way, including feces.Therefore, it is considered to be a real breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites.We conclude that eat meat may be the source of many terrible diseases.For example, it comes to mind trichinosis, a disease that is caused by roundworms helminths.If you eat a piece of pork steak, which was a lack of heat treatment, the high chances of infection.Once in the human stomach, the eggs turn into larvae and then into adults of both sexes, which penetrate into the muscle tissue and cause cysts (this is a temporary form of existence of micro-organisms).After a couple of weeks a person greatly increases the temperature of the whole body begins to "break", eosinophilia is observed in the blood.If time does not see a doctor, it can cause severe damage to your body.
    Although trichinosis is treated before it is better not to bring.Therefore, pork have to undergo a full heat treatment - no steaks with blood!
    pig meat can contain many kinds of parasites.To describe them we will not, especially since they are not relevant to the main topic of today's discussion.
  • Another reason, sometimes you can hear the people, due to the fact that the alleged pork deteriorates more quickly than, say, beef or chicken.And because in ancient times there was no refrigerator, then use this kind of meat was simply dangerous to health.In fact, this version is fundamentally incorrect and if you decide to shine the mind by telling this story in a circle of true Muslims, that you will look like a completely ignorant person

What else can not do to Muslims?

adherents of Islam, as well as people of other religions have their own customs and taboos.Let's talk a little about the past.

  • Besides the fact that Muslims can not eat pork, they are also prohibited from wearing gold.But actually it is a little misconception.The fact that the prohibition applies only to men, but women have a right to wear gold jewelry.At the same time a man wearing a decoration, for example, silver is not forbidden.
  • Even Muslims can not drink alcohol.Why?Allah said that intoxicants together with gambling, idols and fortunetelling arrows are an abomination of Satan's actions.By the way, an interesting fact - they say, that when Prince Vladimir chose religion between Islam and Christianity, he chose the second, because it was not forbidden alcohol.True or not, one can only guess.
  • There is a perception that Muslims are forbidden to celebrate the New Year.This is not quite true.First, in Islam it acts different from our calendar, a holiday which was celebrated on 22 March.And secondly, this calendar uses an extremely small number of people who profess this religion.In today's world, people of many religions celebrate this holiday is December 31