September 09, 2016 23:14

Why not install Adobe Flash Player?

What is Adobe Flash Player?This multimedia platform created by Adobe for creating multimedia presentations and web applications.Most commonly used to create animation, gaming and banners, but also to reproduce the pages of a website audio or video.Many sites without flash player simply refuse to work, for example, everyone's favorite social network Vkontakte.

In order to establish this addition to your computer, you must go to this link - http: // / ru / flashplayer / and download the file to your computer, and then install it.Flash Player is distributed strictly free, so if you offer to send an SMS message, it means you probably downloaded it just to the unofficial site.

In some cases, the installation of the add-ending mistake.Why?With what may be related is the problem and how to solve it?Let's investigate.

  • Most often, the player does not want to set in if the open internet browser or operating processes related to it.Be sure to close all browsers before you install, and at the
    same time check the "Task Manager" - these processes have to be completed.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the version of Internet Explorer.If you, for example, loaded with the very first version of Google Chrome, and you try to install the latest modification of the flash player, you have probably it will not work - to start upgrade your browser to the official website (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and mostother reviewers are distributed solely for free, respectively, the money for the upgrade, they also do not require).
  • problem may be in the fact that you are, for example, can use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, and downloaded the penultimate version of the Adobe Flash Player - in this case, the occurrence of errors more than probable.
  • sure to check for any computer OS version you download the player.Agree, it is unlikely you need to supplement for Mac OS X, when you are running Windows XP?
  • Before installation the manufacturer recommends to disable antivirus and firewall.Why?Because they can block some actions Flash player, which is why it can not be completely installed.
  • As for the system requirements of your computer, they theoretically can not meet the requirements of this amendment, but is in fact happens very rarely, except in the case if you are using the computer, originally from the 80s or 90sof the last century.
  • installation will not take place if you are simultaneously launched the installer multiple times.Information about the process can be found in the Task Manager and there disable unnecessary.
  • In 99.9% of cases presented information will help you to be sure.If it does not, your problem you can tell us through the comments - we will try to help you understand the problem