September 11, 2016 23:02

Why an internet slow?

Internet - one of the most exciting things that has been invented in the last few decades.If in the old days it enjoyed a worldwide network of a very limited number of people, but today the Internet is practically in every apartment.However, not all of it works as it should be - many people often complain about the low connection speed.How to solve this problem?

reasons for low speed

The most common problem occurs when a user begins to have use the browser to search for the information they need - the pages open very slowly, that unnerving even the most balanced person.However, you probably know it by themselves.Well, try to find out why this is happening.

Viruses and Trojans

Yes, there is a large number of malicious files on the World Wide Web, which penetrate the user's computer.Some of them catches the installed software in the form of a firewall or anti-virus, others are free to get on the PC, which leads to various problems.Trojans can be very different - one steal passwords from browse

rs and other used file for DOS-attacks, and some also need to spy on a man ... Many of them can overload the channel, with the result that the connection speed drops to a minimum.

What to do in such a situation?That's right, you need to use the Antivirus and thoroughly scan your computer for malicious files or programs.If you do not have an antivirus, you can use the free tools, for example, by Dr. sureitWeb (you can download it on the website of the developer).She is known for being very good catches viruses and removes them.You can also use other utilities, such as the notorious the AVZ, which was created by one of the Russian developers.After the PC will be scanned, and the Trojans are removed, open the browser and check that quickly began to load the page.If not, then move on to the next item.

Torrent clients, instant messengers, the program for downloading files

In this case we are talking about the programs installed on your computer, one way or another take or send information to the network.This may be, for example, everyone's favorite ICQ or the same Skype.Oddly enough, but they are strong enough to slow down the system, so they must be shut down.

Particular attention should be paid to the torrent clients, which currently can upload any file, such as video.Accordingly, it can be very narrow bandwidth.

Also note the different updater-s, which are used to automatically update the software.We are talking about Google Chrome, Apple, Adobe and other applications, which tend to be automatically updated.Disable can be through the registry or by using special programs (for example, CCleaner).

If you have a bar in the browser is, it probably can also cause slow performance of the Internet.It is necessary to remove it and then see how the browser works.

clear the cache and registry entries

After you remove the program from your computer, it can leave behind a pile of "tails".They are not the most favorable impact on the operation of the system, so from them, too, need to get rid of.The same fully applies to the browser cache.Basically, if you are a person versed in this topic, you can delete their own.For those who have this problem, we recommend that you use a simple little utility called CCleaner, which is distributed free of charge (although there is a paid package, some additional modules are available in it).

So, download the utility, install it on your PC and run.Immediately in front of you will open a window where you can choose what to delete and what is not worth it.Then click on the "Clear" in the lower right corner and wait until all the temporary files will be deleted.

problems at the provider

Suppose that in the morning the internet literally "flies", but in the evening begins to "blunt".This may indicate that the provider's capacity is not enough for all users, which affects the speed.Wait until the company will install equipment in the majority of cases meaningless, so the best option - to use another provider's services.

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits by

provider of such tariffs is now almost gone, although sometimes they can still be found.As a rule, this applies to unlimited tariffs - after exceeding a certain amount of incoming traffic connection speed drops to a minimum until the next billing period.Of course, in this case it is necessary to change the tariff.

speed blocks antivirus or firewall

This happens all the time.To check whether this is really necessary to go into the settings and disable the antivirus with firewall, and then try to test the connection speed.And if she came back to normal, you will have to find the problem and solve it (leave the computer without antivirus is simply impossible).For example, it may be blocked by one or another port, so it must be unlocked.However, such cases may be many and many, oddly enough, it helps to reinstall the antivirus.

lack of resources

These are cases where the connection is made by connecting to the router, calculated on multiple computers.In this case, nothing surprising in the loss rate is not, because if even one of the members will include a torrent client, the other is sure will feel the