September 11, 2016 23:02

Why not turn the tablet ?

Internet tablets, or as they are sometimes called, laptops were for a long time - as far back as the mid-2000s of the last century, although the development of this topic conducted since the late 20th century.These devices are usually built on a mobile platform, they have sufficiently large screen, several mechanical keys, but the mouse and keyboard as such, no. This is due to the fact that all the actions necessary to make by touching the screen.By the way, sorry about the absence of the keyboard is not necessary, since the input characters by pressing on the screen is very convenient.Another prerequisite for all of these devices - the presence of the module Wi-Fi.

If we talk about the most popular models of tablets, it should not start with the iPad, and with the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, which was introduced in 2005.It has a screen size of 4.1 inches, and operating system used Maemo axis.That it turned out quite popular, although we can not say that the unit sales were some incredibly high.

The real revolution will come later made iPad from the company Apple - despite the fact that in fact he represented the enlarged iPhone, tablet began to enjoy great success.At the moment, similar devices produce almost all firms, including Samsung, ASUS, Texet, Explay, Rover and so on.

Causes Problems

So, you have a tablet and you do not understand why he is enabled through time, it does not want to be included.And it can occur with the newly purchased device, and the fact that you use now for several years.The main thing is not to panic, but in all easy to understand.

  • problem can occur because the operating system of your device fails.
  • second - mechanical damage that could be caused, for example, drop the gadget.
  • possible that you simply forgot to charge the tablet after it is dead.
  • Where rarely goes down graphics adapter - works as the device itself and it is necessary, that is, turns on and performs all the necessary functions, but the screen is not showing anything.


  • Let's start from the beginning.If it is a failure of the operating system that does not happen so rarely, it is necessary to update the firmware.However, on their own to start this process is possible only if you have previously reflash the tablet or smartphone.Otherwise it is better to seek help from professionals.And - installation of a new firmware may void the warranty of your gadget, but it depends on the firmware.Be careful.
  • What if the tablet is dropped and ceased to show signs of life?According to guarantee it will not hand over, so the only way out - the service center.However, some self-taught self-replace the damaged parts, but it needs to have at least some experience in this field.
  • If your device is discharged, simply recharge it.Incidentally, the same iPad can not be charged from your computer, as we wrote in one of our articles.
  • Out video adapter failure is often associated with frequent overheating of the plate, with the result that one stops working.In this case, you also have to seek help from a service center, or pass the device under warranty if it is still valid.

Solution for Android

To date, most of the known device runs on the Android operating system, which is used not only for tablets, but also on mobile phones, smartphones, e-books, laptops and other electronic devices.

Unfortunately, this solution can come only to those people who do not keep in mind devaysa anything valuable, because all the information will be deleted!Attention, the method can only help in the case of bugs with iOS!

  • Hold the button "Volume up", then press the "Power supply"
  • Through the Settings menu, turn on the gadget
  • Then select formatting
  • system selects the item Reset Android, then reboot
  • Yougot completely empty, but a working tablet