September 12, 2016 23:02

How to connect unlimited internet MTS ?

Today, a mobile phone - it's not just a means to communicate with their loved ones, but also access to the Internet, audio and video player, a collection of all sorts of programs, game console ... Nevertheless, the greatest demand is not the game for mobile,and the ability to connect to the Internet, good connection speed allows you to quickly download even very "heavy" sites.It understands and telecom operators offering unlimited internet connect.How to do this in the case of MTS?


You should start with a description of the service itself.The fact that MTS offers two different packages, called BIT and Superboy.Both conventionally unlimited.

  • BIT allows the use of 50 MB per day for unlimited speed on the territory of your region.If you exceed this limit, the speed of the Internet is automatically truncated to 64 kbit / s.But the next day, she rises to the same value.Thus, in the month yield of 1.5 GB of traffic at maximum speed, which is quite good for a mobile phone, only if you are not wa
    tching videos on YouTube or downloading songs.The service cost is 149 rubles per month, or about 5 rubles a day.
  • If you 50MB is clearly not enough, then you must connect the superfight.There is already available for you to 100 MB per day, after which the speed is truncated to 128 Kbit / s.The service cost is 299 rubles per month, or about 10 rubles per day.Agree, it is a fair fee for high speed internet.

To connect BIT there are three ways:

  • simply dial * 111 * 252 # or * 252 # and press the call key
  • Send to number 2520 or 111 text 252
  • Go online-pomoschnik and activate the service directly from the personal account

to connect superfight on your device, you can resort to the following methods:

  • on his cell dial * 252 * 0 # and press the call key, the service will be automatically connected
  • Send an SMS to number 111 with text 628
  • Use the Internet assistant

By the way, if you suddenly have spent all of the available traffic quota and the rate has fallen, you can use the so-called turbo button, which allows you to remove all restrictions.However, the cost of this service is 19 rubles, and it operates only 20 minutes from the start of the connection.To activate, dial * 111 * 05 # or send SMS message with text to the number 5340 turbo