September 12, 2016 23:02

Why do not the speaker ?

After that we usually listen to music, having fun and working on the computer or laptop?That's right, we are talking about the columns.Some of them may be very cheap (about 100-150 rubles), others - very expensive (up to several thousand dollars).However, they would not cost much, the column may still fail.In what may be the cause of the problem?Let us understand this issue.

First we will talk about the fact that there are two methods for sound output: analog and digital.In the first work on the transformation of the sound assigned to the sound card that has the standard features.The columns are connected to it through a standard-sized 3.5 mm connector.

In the second case we are talking about an external digital signal decoder via HDMI or SPDIF connector, where digital data is transmitted to the decoder, converting them into an analog signal, which is then we hear through the speakers.The difference between these two ways of connection is that in the second case, the sound output is at a much high

er quality and clean.But this, as you can guess, requires additional investments.

However, to be honest, much of a difference between the two failures in five columns or not.

Causes Problems

  • First we need to make sure that the equipment is connected to the network and the computer.It is possible that someone from your family decided to turn it off for one reason or another.
  • If there are no problems connecting, be sure to make sure that the speakers are switched on by pressing the corresponding keys on them (as a rule, it is on the front of the case, at least the side or rear).Just do not forget to check the volume - it may be diminishing in the least.
  • now move on to more complex problems.If you have a stereo amplifier, subwoofer that is to say, it is necessary to check the correctness of connection.The fact that the sub is typically connected to columns using springy wire clips.Perhaps we have to be a bad pressing, so the sound as such you can not hear.
  • If we talk about the usual columns, they have damaged wire is usually in one of two places.The first - next to a 3.5mm plug (in fact it is one of the places these connectors).The second - near the exit from the shell itself.What would you find the problem, you need to slightly move the wire in these places, and if there was a sound, then, needs to be changed or a wire, or the equipment itself (it all depends on your desires and capabilities).
  • Theoretically, of course, the problem may be caused by a malfunction in the body, but it is possible, for example, if you drop the column.Also, do not discount the possibility that they are out of order for quite independent of your cause.

But what to do if the problem is with the software?Well, in that case you need to read our other article located at this address