September 12, 2016 23:02

Why does my computer restarts itself ?

Almost all of us have a personal computer at home.In this age of high technology, without this technique can not escape - with its help we learn, work and play.But sometimes even the most ideal technique falters.For example, your computer for days on end working the last couple of years, and now suddenly started to reboot when he wants to.As a result, work on it becomes almost impossible, moreover, this behavior certainly hints at the existence of problems or breakdowns.What should be taken? sane person probably immediately thinks about the service center.But wait, why the rush?First, the causes of reported issues have to identify yourself, because some of them you can decide yourself!

Causes spontaneous rebooting

Now we consider the main possible causes for this problem.So there you go.


system actually is the most common reason that a reboot occurs.It is worth noting that this happens more often during the game.

The first step is to find out which device is overheating in the sy

stem unit.How to do it?It's very simple - on the Internet you can find a lot of completely free programs with which you can easily measure the temperature of virtually every part of the computer.If there is no access to the Internet, then this option can be found by going to the BIOS - there is a menu that displays the temperature of each of the components.For example, consider a processor - its average temperature is about 55-60 degrees.If after a few minutes it rises sharply to 80 ° C, the fault clearly lies in the processor (probably his cooler is clogged with dust or simply require additional lubrication).We solve this either independently or in the service center, if you have little experience with electronic equipment.

Problems with home network

very common problem, especially in recent years.This is due to the fact that modern apartments heralded a huge number of all kinds of equipment, which is demanding on the wiring.And now imagine that it was evening, the neighbors came home and turned on all that is possible: washing machines, microwave ovens, televisions, electric kettles, computers ... It is not surprising that the starting power outages.

Restarting the computer can take place due to power surges - power supply uses a protective mechanism and simply reboots the system unit that would not burn himself.It is worth noting that most of the other devices can work quite well.

electricity jumps are usually reflected in the bulbs in the apartment - the last start to blink, though not always.

This is true, however, for the most part for the old houses, where physical wiring is not designed for this load.

incompatible driver or device

identify this problem is simple, because it usually occurs immediately after installation on your PC any parts or new drivers.Imagine that you have in the system unit are three hard drives and a powerful graphics card.You decide to change the last to even more powerful.Inserts it into the motherboard, install drivers, and start watching periodic spontaneous reboot.This may be due to the fact that the power supply can not withstand such a capacity.At the same time it could be banal incompatibility between devices.

the case of drivers, then it is better to remove or rollback.Make it simple: Open the "Device Manager", select the component, then click "Properties" tab "Driver" and, accordingly, a "Delete" or "rollback" - according to your wishes.Incidentally, the whole process is preferably carried out in a safe mode.

Viruses or Trojans

Yes, do not be surprised.Now hackers create viruses that can do things that the jaw is lowered on the table.In order to get rid of them, you need to install a good antivirus (for example, Kaspersky, Dr. Web, avast!, Etc.), to update the database and properly proskanit your system for malicious files.If any are found, remove them immediately.

Another reason

In fact, they can be a great multitude: Problems with "iron", eg, on its last legs is the hard drive;operating system bugs;podkolka your friends (there is a program, which you can specify a certain time period, and then the computer automatically restarts), and so on