September 12, 2016 23:02

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki ?

Classmates - the second most visited social network in the Russian Federation after VKontakte.It was founded in 2006 and ever since continued to evolve continuously.Currently, the project has more than 200 million registered users, that you will agree, a very impressive result.

However, not all participants use their accounts.Moreover, many of them, having got himself page after a while want to leave the site forever, in connection with which they have a question - how to do it?On - just below.

Deleting a page in Odnoklassniki

Currently, there are two proven ways that allow us to solve this problem.About them we will explain right now, but immediately warned that the second method does not completely remove the account.

first method .It is very confusing, although it is difficult to call it, of course, impossible.By the way, social networking users often complain about the fact that the removal of the profile is accompanied by difficulties.Ahead of the planet turned out to be well-known Facebo

ok, which at one time could not even delete your account.Only after a few Americans are suing the company, she added such a function.This is done to ensure that the social network would not lose their members, because each of them to one degree or another brings a certain income site.

  • But let's get down to business.Torn off the site http: // /, enter the username and password of your account and end up on your page.

  • Now scroll to the bottom until you see additional menu.Since the main page can be very long due to the events taking place in your friends, we recommend to do this through the "Friends" section or the "Pictures".The menu looks like so:

  • At the moment, we are interested in here a single section called "Schedule".Clicking on the link will take you to a page where the user license agreement - these are the rules that you must observe when using the project.Again, scroll to the bottom until, until the link "Unsubscribe from service".We click on it.

  • Before you open a new window in which you must specify the reason for which you are going to ever say goodbye to his page on the site.Reasons you can see in the screenshot.Then enter the account password and click on the button "Delete Forever."

  • page removed, what you and congratulations.Do not forget that your profile will be permanently deleted, which means that the recovery, he is no longer subject.

second method .As we wrote above, it allows you to save the page.

  • So, the first thing to do - Text click on the link "More" and select "Edit Settings", "Settings publicity."

  • Then put the check next to "Only Me", "No" and "No".This way you can hide your age group and the community in which you walk, do not let me tag you in photos or notes and even disable search profile via search engines.
  • next step - removing all data about themselves, including place of birth and residence, in school, university and so on.This can be done through the "About Me" section.Thus we remove absolutely all the data from the page.When it is completely free, you do not use it or use it in extreme cases.By the way, you can even change the name to change the name, so no one will guess who is behind your profile.

How to Restore page in Odnoklassniki after removal?

If you used the first of the ways we have described, it is not subject to recovery page.Moreover, this rule also applies to those cases, if access to your account an unauthorized person.Alas, these are the rules classmates.

Before deleting again carefully consider whether to do it?After all, with all of your photos will also be deleted from the profile, messages, records in games, even friends will become inaccessible!

However, if we look at this step on the other side, we in some way support.Why?The fact that social networks have become for many the only means of communication with the outside world, and today we are talking about able-bodied people who just "hooked" on the Internet and can not tear myself away from the computer.After they are removed from social networks, they begin to communicate in the real world, not a virtual one.So if you are one of these "dependent", we fully support you in your endeavors.

And do not forget that in addition to communication, you will have free time for walks, sports, Movies, or shopping ... In general, depending refuse and be healthy!