September 12, 2016 23:02

How do I know what video card is on the computer ( laptop ) ?

Video card (graphics card) - an electronic device that converts a graphic image in a form that can be displayed.Modern graphics cards not only image display, but also have a host of other functions, for example, are rendering OpenGL graphics pipeline in hardware.

graphics controller has completely to any PC or laptop, it is true, in the first case, the device can be both outside and built.As a rule, embedded video does not differ in their characteristics, can not be said about the third party, which are able to play even the latest video games that literally shake its realistic graphics.

What you need to know what kind of adapter is installed in your PC?It's simple.Suppose you have already purchased the assembled system unit, which is sealed and is under warranty.If you remove the seal, you can void your warranty.You also need to install the video card driver.Learn the name can be the name on the box, and if there is none, then through the operating system.How to do it?

see name

In fact, there are some fairly simple solutions.Let's start with the most simple for you.

first method

So, the Windows operating system has its own built-in utility that allows you to see what devices are connected to your computer.We consider an example based on Windows 7, even though the older Microsoft operating systems in this respect, almost disconnected from each other.

first - press the "Start" button and select "Control Panel" - "System" - "Device Manager".

Once you have opened the "Device Manager", select the subsection "Display Adapters."Perhaps it will be located several devices, for example, if you have just two or three cards.It looks so:

Here you have the name of the adapter, you can download the drivers for it.

way, get to the "Device Manager", you can even easier way.To do this, click on the desktop icon "Computer", click on the right mouse button, select the property, and then "Device Manager."

second way

If you can not use the first method for one reason or another, we suggest you download to your computer or laptop is a special utility called EVEREST, which shows all the information about your PC.Why EVEREST?Although, if only because it is distributed free of charge, or rather, has a free trial period for 30 days.And in addition, it shows all the necessary data.

Once download the utility and install, start it using the icon on the desktop, select the "total information" and under "Display" you will see all the installed display adapters.For a more complete understanding of the process, below is a screenshot of the program.

By the way, the main difference from the EVEREST is unique in the fact that with this little tool you can find a lot of other parameters of your PC, such as hard disk or CPU temperature.But this option is very crucial, especially in the summer when it is hot outside.

Do not forget!

I would like to mention the fact that all of us described above is suitable not only for desktops, but also for notebooks, with the only difference being that the second extract from the graphics card is not so simple.For the rest, there is no difference.

As for the operating system, if you take, say, Windows XP, search for the name of the adapter will be almost the same with the exception that a couple of moments