September 23, 2016 23:09

Why can not you look in the mirror when you cry ?

What is superstition?In simple terms, it is a prejudice that is a belief in something supernatural or otherworldly forces.In Russia, it is very popular superstition, although this parameter we are still very far from certain African nations, where life almost entirely composed of various legends and beliefs.

Experts say that superstition so firmly established in our lives, because in real life they are often confirmed, but in reality it is nothing more than an accident.However, a person sees this pattern and begins to believe that the language of science can not explain.

Superstitions abound.Many of them are associated with mirrors.So, we already tell you that, for example, why it is impossible to sleep in front of the mirror.Since that article aroused great interest among our readers, today we look at another question regarding the mirror - namely, why not look into it when you cry?


As you know, the mirror has long been linked to the other world.At one time they could hold only those p

eople who were considered witches and wizards.By the way, people who possess magical powers, still use mirrors in their rituals.

  • So, if you look in the mirror when you cry, it can lead to is not the most favorable results.According to many reviews, it could postpone your fate impartial imprint.Later fate may arise so that people will occasionally cry for the misfortunes that accompany him on the path of life.
  • There is another legend, according to which you can weep all their happiness.As a trivial example: you climb the career ladder and one day you might be something that makes you cry.At the same time you look at yourself in the reflection.It is highly probable that you will pursue trouble, including problems begin with career growth.

What should I do?

If you believe in this kind of legend, then you do not need to roar, while looking at his reflection.But when the tears will end and you will begin to slowly come to life, you can view zerklo in order to wipe the eyes and apply makeup.It is not forbidden.

Well, whether it's in trust, up to you.Perhaps this legend has its truth, although scientists around the world in this very doubtful