September 05, 2016 23:11

Why dogs do not like cats ?

most popular pets in the territory of the Russian Federation is, of course, dogs and cats.It is worth noting that the latter is much more popular.The reasons are simple: they are small, do not require a lot of food, they do not need to walk, they are much nicer dogs ... But the most interesting in the other - the pair literally hate each other!Should the kitty to pass close to the dog, the latter immediately slips off the leash and hold it will not be easy, especially when it comes to large breeds.Today we will try to find out the reasons of such hatred and, looking ahead, we say that an accurate opinion on the matter is still not there.

reasons for enmity between dogs and cats

  • First of all it should be noted that our four-legged pets in very different ways are contacted.The fact that dogs genetically tend to communicate, and it does not matter who it is - relative of man or any other animal.But the cat in this regard committed others - on the contrary, they try not to communicate with anyone el
    se, preferring to lie somewhere on the sidelines and watch everything going on.And imagine - dog saw passing by a fluffy ball, he immediately appears the interest in the animal and it is by all means wants to establish contact.The cat, seeing what was happening, trying to escape, more than whet the dog.It should also be noted about the wagging tail - if it is a dog is a sign of interest, the cats - the danger and fear.As experts say, the first is often simply confuse these "signals", which serves the second.
  • must not forget that every dog ‚Äč‚Äčliving predator, for which initially considered subject to any animal to hunt.In this case it does not matter who is in front of him.This is not surprising, especially if we consider that all known ancestors of dogs are wolves, as well as some types of jackals.
  • According to recent research scientists, cats tend to allocate a certain enzyme, which in turn is extremely adversely affects the subconscious of dogs, which is why they become agitated and aggressive.This version would be a success, if not one big BUT - there are plenty of cases where this couple not only gets together, even spends all his spare time together, protecting each other from their own relatives.
  • Speaking of friendship.The owners of those pets that do not break the friendship, often do not understand how they can not love each other.But in fact this is not surprising, because a couple of a long time, just much accustomed to each other.As experts say, this usually requires no more than one to two weeks.However, sometimes cat and dog get along still can not, even though their relationship still become much less hostile.
  • Another possible reason - dog viciously set in relation to the cat as a result, for example, is not the most successful of their last meeting.Although dogs in most cases do not differ rancor, sometimes they still remember their abusers.It is possible that not so long ago, met on the street cat, the latter stripped Sharik claws nose.If we are talking about fight dog, then the cause of hostility is much more simple - it is genetically aggression has not only to other animals but also to humans.
  • There is another, quite an interesting story, however, confirm the scientists are not able to.As the experts tell us thousands of years ago, when there were only big cat (lions, tigers), already at that time they did not like dogs, experiencing hostility towards him.After many years some dogs hate to felines will not go away, and now they are trying to offend so many beloved cats.

Tale of why the cat and the dog did not like each other

latest version - fantastic, came to us from China.So, there lived a poor man in the world.But not only that there was no money in it, so also overtook trouble constantly.Planted rice - will ruin the entire crop drought, go fishing - boat capsize.

One day while working on the poor man found an unusual brass ring on which was painted dragon and a heron.He put it on the window and forgot.In the courtyard at the unfortunate dog lived with a cat, who had been friends all life.The first, barely seeing the ring, happy.The cat asked him - why?It turned out that the decoration magic and brings happiness to its possessor.Indeed, less than a few days, as our hero literally everything became accompany fortune: go fish catch - several kilograms will, will plant corn - will bring together so much that the neighbors will distribute.

been a long time.One cat dog said: "If the ring falls from windows or a mouse will take, our host immediately become poor."Their trouble passing by a rich landowner, who had heard all the words.He went to the poor man in the house, greeted, spoke and before the exit as if by chance he saw the ring and said, "I want it!Sell, man, it to me! ".The poor man replied that copper jewelery and valuables is not.Despite this, the landlord did not calm down.Then our hero did not sell him the ring, and just put it on your finger.And it never occurred to him that he was unlucky again from that point.As soon as the landlord to leave the gate like trouble again fell on his head ...

Pets decided to help its owner - ran to look for the wealthy.They fled a day, two, three ... As long as they are not blocked by way of a wide river.Then the cat cried: "I can not swim!" To which the dog told her to sit on his back.Having crossed the river, they soon found the house of the landlord, somehow got the ring and ran off back.Again in front of them the river again the cat climbed on the back of dog ... Coming to shore, the dog fell down exhausted and said: "I do sleep, and you guard me."Cat waved her head and as soon as the dog slept with all his legs ran to his master, gave him back his decoration and said that his unusual power of the rich man is told the dog.As soon as the latter returned to the village, the owner whipped her.In response, the dog immediately attacked the cat and almost bitten her - the one still managed to escape from the clutches of death.It is believed that after this event, the two are no longer friends