September 05, 2016 23:11

Why zebra striped ?

Zebra belong to the subgenus kind of horses, which includes three species of zebras: the plains, desert and mountain.Our story will be built on the first one, since it is the most common ground (yet it is called burchellova).

So, we have quite a large striped animal-bodied on small legs.Height adults amounts to about half of the order of meters, length - 2-2.5 m, weight - up to 350 kg. Males are not only more females on average by 10 percent, but also have a little thicker neck.The mane is short and erect, tail length - 40-60 cm in the end there is a hair brush.As for color, it is extremely unusual and consists of alternating bands of light and dark colors.It is worth noting that in each individual a completely individual picture.In this regard, coloration resembles person's fingerprint.Most interestingly, the pattern may have significant differences depending on the habitat.For example, the southern subspecies strips wider, but less pronounced.In the northern strip much clearer stand.

lives this kind of zebras in South Africa and Angola.It prefers steppes and savannas, preferring shrub and grass pastures that are in the hills and near the mountain.It's interesting that the zebra is usually the first to appear in areas with tall grass and only then to get over other herbivores, such as antelopes, gazelles and kongoni.In the food consumed about 50 different species of plants, which are based on the grass, but the shoots and leaves much less favor.In addition, these creatures can not survive without water longer than a few days, so usually graze near the pond.

Living herds, which includes the leader (stallion, whose age is not less than five years), as well as females and young.Typically, the size of the herd is not more than 10 individuals, although they are often combined into a huge herd size in the hundreds of heads.Typically, the composition of each herd is constant until the end of life, and only breaks when migrating or attack predators.At the same time, young males (2-3 years) are expelled from the herd.By the way, then they are often kept alone.

Zebra - nomadic animals.This is due to a change in feeding conditions.For example, when the dry season comes, the animals go to where there is food.

With regard to breeding, the females become sexually mature at 2-2.5 years, and males - three.The first foal is born is usually not before the mother turns 3.5 years.Pregnancy itself lasts about one year, in one litter of one calf, although there are two, but this happens very rarely.Birth weight of 20-30 kg.Just 10 minutes later he gets up on his feet, even through 20 makes the first steps, and an hour later the mother begins to walk and suck her milk.If there is a danger in the form of predator, the mother and her calf hiding among the other animals that protect her.Still, the death rate among newborn babies reaching 50 percent.Foal sucks milk at the age of 1-1.5 years, but it begins to eat grass in a week after the birth.

And now the most interesting.According to scientists, zebras stripes on the body are the result of evolution - as it were, masking against flies, which do not respond to a mixture of two colors (white and black, respectively).However, there is another view on the issue - help the animal strips masked by hyenas and lions, which is much harder to see the outlines of a zebra