September 18, 2016 23:04

Why tickle in the throat ?

sore throat - enjoy extremely doubtful.The resulting illness spoil our lives, does not operate normally and relax.Typically, an unpleasant sensation occurs when we begin to get sick infectious disease, for example, the same flu, but not so simple ...

Causes disease

Tickling may be the result of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx, chronic pharyngitis, adenoviral infections, allergies (especially important in the spring and summer).Interestingly, often suffer from this ailment teachers and singers - affects the increased burden on the vocal cords.It is worth noting that teachers are affected more often, because they have delivered voice, and breathing sometimes wrong.

Particular attention should be paid to the premises in which the person works.If it is dusty (eg, it is a warehouse), the tickle at the end of the working day - not a rarity.It is generally recommended to use a respirator or medical bandages on the face, throat problems because in this case is not the worst.

Generally speaking, i

t can cause sore throats almost any disease.Moreover, it can sometimes occur in pathologies of other organs, such as liver disease or stomach.


In order to find out the cause of the illness, you need to seek help from the person who, after the required examination prescribe drugs.Of course, in each case apply their treatments.

So, if it is a mild form of pharyngitis, it is recommended to use medicines containing mint.It can be various pastilles and candies that are sold in pharmacies.It is also good to help preparations containing menthol.If the disease is started, the pastilles are unlikely whether to help, then you can start gargling with infusion of chamomile or sage, and initially recommended a weak solution, gradually moving to a more sturdy.

In some cases helps instillation in nose few drops of oil, such as sunflower oil.Salol can use drop-menthol as they reduce their exposure to the mucosa swollen in the larynx.But when it comes to inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or chronic tonsillitis, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive treatment - mints with this task can not cope.

Once again I repeat - do not engage in self-examination to the doctor, because in some cases it can not only help, but and harm health.


There is nothing complicated.The main thing - always breathe only through the nose.The fact that the air not only has time to clear, but warmed in nasal breathing.Furthermore, it is humidified and prevents mucosa dry rear wall.If the person is breathing by mouth, it puts your body in a far greater number of microbes, besides frequently dries the back of the throat.

more recommended to use cream, as this kind of throat hardening.However, this is permissible only if you have no problems with tonsils