September 18, 2016 23:04

Why do pregnant women can not walk in high heels ?

How should look like a pregnant woman?Yes, just like any other!Future moms also look after their appearance: buy fashionable clothes, go to a beauty salon use natural cosmetics, and sometimes even walk on his heels.However, the latter should not do it.Why?In fact there are reasons.

If you ask about my mother or my grandmother, they will tell you the same.How to assure doctors, heels can harm not only the woman herself, but also her child, who is still in the womb.And one of the reasons - imagine that your baby takes a comfortable place for itself in your tummy.However, you should wear shoes such as baby moves.And if it is threatened only stretch marks in the abdomen - is not, it can lead to various problems at the birth of the baby until the cesarean section, or in the worst case, an abortion.

Remember that even in the earliest stages of pregnancy increases the load on the muscles and vessels of the legs.Later, because of this, may develop flat feet or varicose veins.In order to avoid this, obstet

ricians recommend wearing shoes having a flat sole.By the way, the fall in the shoes much more painful for both of you, than, say, in ordinary indoor slippers.

There are a few very simple rules that help pregnant women avoid adverse effects when wearing different obuvki:

  • first.Shoes should "breathe", so it is necessary that she was created from natural materials.
  • necessary that "shoes" support your feet, not flew with them.If they have a buckle, check that it is convenient to use you.
  • In fact, sometimes you can afford to put on a heel, but its height should not exceed three centimeters.Alternatively, you can use the shoes on a low platform.
  • Imagine that you are invited to the soiree and go out there is not given possible without pins.If you've already decided to go to them on holiday, you need to take them off in a couple of hours.Do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk.

Generally, of course, for the whole period of pregnancy it is better to forget about heels at all.But after nine months, you will be able to wear what your heart desires