September 19, 2016 23:05

Why breast pain before menstruation ?

breast development in girls begins at puberty at the age of 9-10 years, the duration of which is about two to three years.After menarche (first menstrual bleeding) under the influence of the level of estrogen in the blood change is a growth of stromal and parenchymal tissues, including the mammary glands are formed.Final shape of the breast is formed about 20 years of life.It should also be noted that more than 90% of cases there is unbalanced forms of iron, and the differences can be not only in size but also in the location or volume.However, the asymmetry is usually expressed very poorly, and the left breast is usually larger than the right.However, on this we have already written on the pages of our site.

Even after the woman's "dignity" is fully formed, in his tissues do not stop the changes that are happening, including during pregnancy, lactation, childbirth, and of course, during menstruation.The processes taking place under the influence of female hormones, the amount of which depends on t

he overall condition of the girl.Therefore, we can safely say that the slight pain in the breasts during menstruation - the phenomenon is quite normal, as we discuss in more detail now.

sensitivity chest begins to rise the day before ovulation, during the second phase of the cycle.At this time, the so-called profileratsiya - number increases epithelial breast lobules and ducts.Since the breast enters the blood, it slightly increases and swells.That's why girls may appear discomfort (bloating, tenderness, increased breast density), and even pain.However, experts say that a healthy girl, nothing to worry about - all of these symptoms it has expressed very slightly.

during menstruation every girl there is a proliferation of child-bearing age - growth of body tissues by cell proliferation.This is due to the fact that before menstruation glandular breast tissue grows, which leads to an increase it.This phenomenon is quite normal and it faces every pregnant woman as well.But since in this case the fertilization does not occur, then formed glandular tissue atrophy and immediately after the end of blood, all the pain go away.

also throughout the cycle in the body can change the relationship between glandular, fibrous and fatty tissue."Culprit" should be considered primarily a female hormone progesterone, which occurs due to proliferation of the glandular tissue in the second half of the cycle.This can cause a feeling of engorgement and hardness, but usually pain is not observed.

Typically, the pain appeared about a week before menstruation and in most cases do not bring discomfort and does not violate the state of health of the girl.The doctors normally apply to such phenomena.

Other causes of chest pain during menstruation

Earlier we told you about the main reason that you may experience discomfort in "those" days.However, there are other reasons.Here they are:

  • hormonal imbalance.Disorders of this type can occur due to various factors, but is often sufficient evidence of the presence of a dangerous disease.
  • Gynecological Diseases.They do not necessarily lead to a hormonal imbalance in the body, but they can give themselves felt was pain in the pectoral muscles.

month absence, chest pain

Very rarely it happens, it's time to not even monthly has come, and your breasts have already started to get sick.What could it mean?

  • First of all remember what you did the day before - whether doing sports or, say, weight lifting?Perhaps you just pulled muscles and after a day or two the pain will pass.
  • Pregnancy.And we can talk about a normal pregnancy, and ectopic.
  • breast disease, known as the breast.It is considered one of the most common women's diseases in the world - found more than 70% of women on the planet.
  • inflammatory processes arising from changes in the breast or chest structure.
  • Breast Cancer.

What to do with pain?

Since in most cases the pain is in no way associated with any disease, the following measures can help:

  • At least for a while forget about bad habits - give up alcohol and smoking.
  • Try less nervous, as it is, oddly enough, only worsens the situation.
  • If the frost on the street, try not to go out.In the extreme case, dress warmly, since the supercooling to no good will not.
  • Put in the abdomen with a hot water bottle with warm water.Heating pad can be replaced by a warm bath (it is warm, but not hot!).
  • Eat right!Avoid greasy, spicy and acidic foods.Less eat meat and dairy products.Try to lean on the greens, vegetables and fruits.From drinks is recommended herbal teas and vegetable juices.For example, very good for pain fresh carrot juice.
  • Well, if you feel that these simple methods do not help, then use painkillers.Suit drugs such as ibuprofen, bromocriptine, danazol, naproxen ... However, they all have side effects, so before applying them it is mandatory to consult a doctor.

is quite another thing when it comes to pain, which definitely indicate any disease.In such cases, as a sign to a specialist as soon as possible, to tell him about feelings, to pass the required inspection, get tested and start treatment