September 20, 2016 23:06

Why scaly skin on the face ?

What do you think, how many girls in the world, which would be fully satisfied with the condition of their skin?It is in this doubt.Why?Because almost all in one way or another suffer from skin problems.So, in some early wrinkles appear, the other can not get rid of blackheads, while others suffer from peeling.That's about it today and we'll talk.

Internal causes peeling

• Let's start with the internal reasons - they are much harder to detect than external.According to experts, often peeling begins to know itself due to a lack of vitamins and other elements necessary for the body.Accordingly, as long as the body does not receive the necessary vitamins to him, to fight with the problem of useless.Some try to solve it with the help of cosmetics, but this is only a temporary solution to the situation.

worth noting that often the lack of elements observed during the cold season, which is not surprising.However, remember that you can always help your body and make it easy - you need to take special d

iet.For example, if you do not have enough vitamin A, you will need to eat more fresh greens, liver, eggs and apricots, and if there is a lack of vitamin F, we have to lean on the fish, grains and vegetable oil.The main difficulty lies in the fact that self-identify exactly what your body needs, it is very difficult, so you should be sure to discuss this with the doctor.Incidentally, he will advise you with the necessary food.

Another important fact - this diet often leads not only to improve the appearance of skin type, but also a positive impact on your overall health.Do not forget that everything is good in moderation.

• Less make themselves felt hormonal disorders.This question is impossible to cope, so the need to consult with a doctor.With regard to treatment, there is usually used hormonal agent.However, it all depends on the individual case.

• Finally, the reason may be the lack of moisture in the body, so that the skin begins to peel off, and sometimes burst.However, this difficulty is solved quite easily - it is necessary to increase the amount of fluids you drink up to two liters a day.This is not desirable to use coffee, tea or soft drinks, it is better to give preference to natural carbonated water.

External causes peeling

  • Here, everything is much easier.First of all pay attention to the environment - if the window is 30 degrees below zero, the scaling can be regarded as something self-evident, therefore, before going out, always use moisturizer.
  • Currently, the problem may be caused by the environment.See for yourself, we live near incinerators, in large cities, where every second resident has his own car, pollute the atmosphere, we eat do not understand that ... there is nothing to be surprised.The only way out - go to the village, where the air is fresh and clean, and the food are made of environmentally friendly products.Alas, for most people, this dream so it remains.
  • Pay attention to the water that you have to wash every day.We believe that it is too hard and dry skin.We must begin to wash clean filtered water.The result did not take long.
  • Nor should wash with soap and water.The fact that it tightens the skin, whereby it starts to peel.It is recommended to replace the special foam soap for the face, which you can find in any drugstore or cosmetic store.Suitable skin and for those people who have a child suffering from dry skin.
  • What makeup do you use?Dear?Do you believe that, despite the high cost, the problem arises precisely because of its use?Try to temporarily change the brand, it can help.
  • Continuing the theme of cosmetics, it is necessary to remind the girls that they were always filming makeup before going to bed, because otherwise it can negatively affect the skin condition.
  • And it is very important not to forget to clean the skin, not only from the powder or blush, but also from other contaminants.Do it easily with the help of special tonics or lotions.The main thing is that they do not contain alcohol, as the latter very dry skin.

Traditional recipes

There are folk recipes to help get rid of dead skin particles.It scrubs.Here is the recipe of the simplest of them: Take a cucumber, grate it as finely as possible, and then add a couple of spoonfuls here Hercules flakes and leave to infuse the mixture for 30-40 minutes.Then take a scrub and apply it to the skin in a circular motion for five minutes.Now you can wash your face with water without using soap.

However, remember that frequent use of scrubs could harm the skin, so use them no more necessary than twice a month.

But after using a scrub can be applied to a nourishing mask that moisturizes the skin and allow her to get enough essential vitamins.There are many different masks, but we will tell you about the most inexpensive and popular - a banana.Take a banana, peel it, remove all the flesh and mash it until mushy state.Add the slurry a tablespoon of olive oil and stir.Now apply the mixture on your face and hold for 15 minutes.Rinse it must also be water without the use of cosmetics.

Now apply a moisturizing and nourishing cream