September 20, 2016 23:06

Why not push acne?

Acne, also known as acne or acne - a problem for just about any teenager, and also for some adults.The exact cause of their appearance is often impossible to find out, although the causes, the whole weight: awkward age, heredity, the use of anabolic steroids, stress, skin lesions, which are accompanied by inflammation, hormonal activity and so on.Many people who are faced with the disease for the first time, consider that the best means to fight acne - squeezing them.But in fact, this view is mistaken.Why?And this we will tell you a little later.

Causes of acne

First, let's find out, which is why all the skin pimples.So:

  • Firstly, it is oily skin.Those people who suffer from this disease, much more prone to the appearance of acne, oily skin because it is the best breeding ground for bacteria.Therefore, pimples tend to appear first on the face.
  • Another reason - hormonal changes in the body.As a rule, this is facing almost every teenager between the ages of about 13 to 18 years.At this tim
    e, the amount of hormones is greatly increased, the sebaceous glands begin to work, there are new pores on the skin.Usually this problem takes place a few years after its inception and, say, 20 years pimples disappear completely.But if this does not happen, you should consult a specialist.
  • If we talk specifically about the girls, they have the appearance of the difficulties can be attributed to the use of cosmetics.The fact that the cosmetic composition often includes such elements, which activate the sebaceous glands.So if you notice that you have got a lot of acne after starting to use a certain kind of cosmetics, discard it.
  • Very often acne occur against the background of various diseases associated with the gastrointestinal tract.Thus a person can not feel any discomfort or pain, but the disease is still present in its body.examination is required.However, sometimes pimples are felt due to malnutrition, for example, if you consume large amounts of carbohydrates.Solve this diet, in which carbohydrates are almost absent.
  • What else?Another recommended to pay attention to the environment - in recent years in the major cities is not that live, breathe was hard!So what do you want out of your body?
  • Enough is rarely the cause of acne is an allergic response.For example, you could eat something different or a new skin cream smeared - in this case, the body may react in this way.By the way, here you can include medications and antibiotics.
  • Finally, forget about bad habits.Quit drinking, smoking and work out.This will help you to get rid of not only acne, but also from a variety of diseases, including chronic.

The reasons that can not squeeze pimples
  • First and foremost you need to understand that the appearance of acne - it's just a result of disease or puberty, so if you will resort to acne extrusion, from a problem to get rid of allIt will not work.Unfortunately, most people do not understand this, making themselves worse.
  • is necessary to look at yourself in the mirror - and so there are many acne on the face do you see?Scientists have proved that acne notice of not more than 30 per cent of all the people around.So maybe the problem you have played enough on their own?Try to treat it easier.
  • Remember that the more you squeeze the pimples, the more they will spread on your face.Why?The explanation is simple - during this action fingers crushed follicle and bacteria in it, spread to the surrounding skin tissue, which provokes the emergence of a new "portion" of acne.Also, never touch the place of formation of acne, do not scrub it, try that it had not been damaged.
  • Finally, remember that after extrusion can form scars, which, unfortunately, over time, will not disappear and remain for a lifetime with you.And if the young man they did not bother about the girls, we can not say.Judge for yourself - does it make sense to risk the beauty of your face?The answer is, you know very well.

How to wean themselves from squeezing pimples?

If you are so used to acne and continuously push them, this habit is an urgent need to get rid of (the reasons for which it should be done, as described above).What to do in this case?We must find something to their hands.For example, in his spare time is less fit to the mirror and look in it, more than to do household chores.Can you think of any hobbies, for example, simulation - it helps a lot.You can pick up the packaging film with bubbles and burst them - good help during stressful situations.

Well, if it happened that you unlearn yourself well in any way can not, then there is only one way out - a visit to a psychologist.

What should I do?

answer to this question depends entirely on what the cause of acne.For example, if it occurs during puberty, that is, at a time when increased hormonal activity, there is nothing to do, in fact, impossible.Why?But because acne itself will disappear after a time.The main thing to remember that push them in any case it is impossible!

And here are some tips that may be helpful to you in a similar case:

  • In no case do not use alcohol-based lotions that dry the skin.Because of this, the number of acne can only increase.
  • Use only neutral foams and gels for the face, which, again, will not overdry skin.
  • Stop use some kinds of cosmetics, for example, powder, which can trigger the occurrence of acne.

However, the problem may be more serious.For example, some people suffer from the disease because they have weakened immune system.Accordingly, it can help the consumption of vegetables, fruits, vitamins, as well as the outdoor location.If the matter is covered in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which are ubiquitous, may be needed as the use of drugs and diet, which may prescribe only the attending physician.

In short, if you're no longer a teenager and began to notice the appearance of acne on the face or other parts of the body, it is better to consult on this issue with a specialist who diagnosed after examination and prescribe treatment